December 24th, 2007

Question: Re-sizing brand skirts

So, I have about a 34 inch waist and a skirt meant for about a 26 inch waist.

I was wondering to those who have re-sized baby skirts-

Do they come out ok? or do they end up looking silly and did I ruin an expensive skirt? I was going to have it done by professional seamstresses, so it's not as though it's a rookie doing it.

I just want any input at all!! I would hate to have it end up ruined.

Thanks a bunch!

Meta Special Set update

I got my confirmation email! I think they were sending out the overseas ones first since you all are doing the paypal/CC thing. I was starting to get really worried but it's ok now especially since I got my first Choice (grey and black). I was almost in tears I was so sad when I thought I hadn't gotten one.