December 23rd, 2007

help! question

Okay, so i ordered something from the place - sent my email inquiry and they wrote back with my invoice and requested my phone number.

now I have two problems.

1) When I replied to their email, giving my phone number, and asking what address i should use to paypal them since I can't find that posted anywhere on their site, my email bounced back. Has anyone else ordered from them? Have you been able to get emails to go through? (i figure if push comes to shove and i can't get any emails to go through, I'll can just note my phone# when i send payment - which brings me to my other issue)

2) I need to pay for the jsk i bought. does anyone know the paypal address for Fairy Angel? Is it somewhere on the sight and I'm just blind and missing it?

It's Sweet again~!


I just wanted to share some awsome pictures of a Korean Lolita-chan, Sweet.
People mihgt remember her from my post waaaay back.
She makes fabulous and unique lolita head items.
She just made two new items and she posted the pictures on her website.

This is the link to her website. Here
Click on her photo to go to the next page.
pika spank

no bangs, no problem? (+ knitting Q)

I hope everyone is having a festive holiday season. I still haven't put the tree up yet... hmm...

Anyway, I am getting married early next year and am growing out my hair, including my bangs/fringe. I usually wear mini top hats but I'd like to try something new. My hair type is auburn with blond highlights and naturally wavy. Can anyone out there show some pics of people without bangs wearing other types of headdresses? Gold star for shots with curls, waves or hime-style ringlets. Thanks!

PS: I've also been looking around for knitted cape patterns similar to this: Anyone know of any?
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VM hair corsages: I need help

I am looking for a post in which someone posted photos of handmade hair corsages that looked like the ones from Victorian Maiden.
I've searched the memories and used lj seek but I can't find it.

Also, does anyone have any tips for attaching the flowers and leaves to the comb?
On the one from Victorian Maiden, each leaf is attached to a wire and is wrapped tightly around the comb.
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Hello~ I checked the memories, but I could not find anything on this.
I am about to buy my first dress for Christmas and I need a little bit of help.
I am thinking about ordering from Closet Child since it seems easy and I am so confused~
I was just wondering what is the deal with this store? Is it used items or something? Why do they have so many brands?
I don't understand~~
I'm sorry if this is a really stupid question. ( ._.);;
Also is there anybody willing to let me IM them or something when I need help and they can guide me a little bit?
I don't want to bother the community anymore, haha~~
Oh and please give me tips as to buying and stuff like that~ !
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(no subject)

So I recently recieved 3 lolita things in the mail; my gingham skirt from ITS, and a blouse & skirt set from Rakuen fashion, aaannnd my lovely black parasol from nana_jun.

Here are some (poorly taken) photos of me wearing my new threads

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I was wondering if anyone here has this bag from Baby ?

I really like it and would like to get it with Christmas money, but I was wondering if anyone had it and could give me a review? I'm wondering about how big and how durable it is, because I would like to use it as a school bag; not to carry heavy textbooks of course, but will it stand up well to daily use and is it big enough to hold standard sized binders and notebooks? Thanks for any help!

Question About BtSSB Skirts

I have a 27.5 inch waist, wich is not big at all. I love all of BtSSB skirts
but they seem to go from about 20-25inches. I personaly dont know anyone
who has a waist as small as 20inches. Do any of you know why they only 
make such small sizes. I dont have a problem with their blouses or anything,
 but why so small on the waists of their skirts?!

Thank you in advance.

Korean's Lolita Brand, Requiem

I just wanted to share this pictures with all egl members.
I guess it's done this summer, but I only found it just now. XD
It's a photoshoot from Korean Lolita brand, Requiem.
The Alice print on the JSK is their original design!! 
I think it so cute ; _; ♡

Click Here to veiw the pictures~!