December 22nd, 2007

Lolis near Spokane, WA?

Hello (^o^)

I was wondering if there are any lolitas (or, people interested in lolita & japan) near Spokane, Washington? It seems like every Washington loli lives in Seattle. (ha-ha
I would like to talk with people who have similar interests. So far, I haven't met anyone. (sad)
Well, that's all. Please comment or send an email Thanks.
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Meetup pictures~

I just wanted to share some photos from the latest Danish lolita meetup! But since I am too lazy to write a new post you can get a fake cut and go check it out in my journal, sorry ^^;

I hope you enjoy the pictures~
( Pics from the Danish lolita winter meetup goes here )

You can also read the full post if you want to see more lolitas, from two conventions I’ve participated in~ There even were a lolita fashion show in one of the conventions!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Bodyline Quality Check

We all know the stories, melting lace, contrasting strings and things just not holding together. What we don't hear about as often is the better quality pieces made by Bodyline. So here's where I need EGL's help: post what you own made by Bodyline and rate the quality.

Here's mine: Both items bought used.

•Purple fairy yukata wa-loli thing (couldn't find offical photos, but will post mine later)
--This set is pretty good quality, there were no flaws that I could find anywhere. The only thing that buds me is that the skirt was noticeably polyester.

•Black JSK as seen here
-- Nothing I could find wrong here either. Could be lined, and it could use an invisible zipper, but the one that is there isn't bad at all.
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Length of shirts from Metmorphose?

It says on their site that the regular size is about 20 inches and the tall size is about 24. It also says on the measuring page that it is measured from the neckline for DRESSES, but are shirts the same? Has anyone who is about 5'9" or 5'10" gotten the regular size from Meta and found it too short?

Mini SoFl meet-up @ Las Olas :)

Hi ladies and gents,

I wanted to make an announcement to see how many lolitas would be interested in attending a meet-up in Las Olas, South Florida.

Collapse )

SECOND EDIT!  How is Early (~10a-3pm) Saturday Sound? Transportation WOULD be available that day. Please LJemail me is you can come!

Meta Sizing Question

Ugh, I'm really sorry this has to be my first post, but I need to ask this wonderful community a question.
This JSK only has one set of measurements, but obviously has some shirring. Are those measurements the min or max? If minimum, how much do you think it would stretch? I'm sorry to be another lurker asking a question like this, but I did check everywhere I thought I might find something close to an answer. I would be very thankful for any help anybody would be willing to give!