December 21st, 2007

World Lolita Exchange: Last ones

Alrighty, there are 7 people that have not sent me thier pictures yet. Now though your gifts are late you should still be sending them to your partners ( if you have not gotten anything together at least send them a card ) so do not feel that because it is late that its alright to give up. I know some people have had some emergencies and the like, but please notify me regardless of what is going on and why things are late.

Thank you.
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etsy loliables...

when i'm bored i wander, & oftentimes
i come across cute things, and i think there
are many such very cute things on,
so i thought i wld share a few of my favorites here
with you, those which i think cld be
easily incorporated in various sorts of lolita
outfits, & so.

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Meta Sale!~

I'm pleased to announce that the meta sale is on!~ <3333
I already have gotten:
1 BluexWhite Headbow
1 offwhitexgold swan headpin 8D
Have you gotten anything?~
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so ive checked the memories and didnt find anything helpful. i was just lurking around google and found this site:
it seems to be a site like closet-child that sells used lolita-fashion.

does anyone of you know it or has bought from there? i just ask because they have some really nice items for awesome prices...
they auction on Y!J as well

thank you for all information you have

Sorry Picture Request

Does anyone have pictures of those Angelic Pretty hoodies from last year/season? They just looked like normal hoodies...with a lot of lace and stuff stuck on them. Or, does anyone have photos of a hoodie modification? I'm feeling inspired! Thank you!

Loli Meet Up?~ UPDATED!

Hello all!~ I was wondering if any lolis are going to Anime Los Angeles on the 6th of January?~
I was thinking we could do a meet up n 3n

Time: 2pm (May change)
Place: Somewhere at the convention center xD

Also what about we do a small gift exchange?~
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Rockinghorse shoes

Well, today I got my first pair of Rockinghorse shoes and I must say that I'm very happy with them. I ended up getting the Montreal ones from Ling Lam on ebay.

They came in a box wrapped in paper, and were in perfect condition when I opened the box. They fit great and are really comfortable (although I haven't walked around in them much, I just walked around the house a little bit to get the feeling of them).

I was really impressed with how quickly they shipped. I got an e-mail 3 days ago telling me that they had been shipped and that it usually took around 10- 20 days, but they arrived in only 3. Granted, I am in California, so it's a bit closer than other parts of the country, but I've never had anything ship from Hong Kong that quickly before.

Just thought I'd share my experience and let you all know that I would reccomend this seller.

Meta lucky pack

Well my lucky pack arrived today and I thought I'd upload some photos since I haven't seen any of these images yet. *though I think the op was uploaded in black.

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Well honestly I am very happy with my turn out. I got something that will defenatly work with my sweet lolita tastes so I am pleased. Kind of wished I got the kitty JSK but everything fits so I am happy.
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Price Check?!

okay so i was just browsing the new punk version of closet child an came across these awesome trousers from Peace Now, 
but that price can't be right can it? admittedly i've never bought anything from peace now, but is it really that cheap? i'm seeing 3800 yen, which is only £16.80 or about $33. Has Peace Now always been this affordable? Or is it more likely that price is wrong?
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New To Loli

Hi Everyone! I am looking to starting on my lolita wardrobe...Ive been dressing in different "subcultured" styles for years, I get alot of inspiration from gothic, punk, j-street fashion, raver, cyber, japan fruits!...and a whole bunch of other ones.

Basically since I am fairly new to the lolita style, I am trying to figure out where would be the best place to buy what from for starters. Right now I was thinking of getting these items in basic blacks and whites.

Also here is a picture of me, What styles of loli do you think you could see me in!

Thanks so much!!

<3 Vyci