December 20th, 2007

Deal with it.

Missing Shirring?

I recently got this baby jsk off of mbok. I was wondering if anyone had any stock photos of it because I swear to god that it's missing a row of shirring at the bottom of the bodice. It just seems weird that the waist ties would be where they are on the jumper.

Sorry if this isn't clear enough. Any help is appreciated.
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So I just got my first petticoat in the mail yesterday (thank you ITS! ♥) but I'm afraid to post any photos because I think I may be wearing it wrong. The only skirt I have has an elastic waistband, and since I'm 5'8 I'm most comfortable with the skirt and petticoat resting right on my hip bone. Is that right? I only ask because, in most pictures I see, it looks like the skirt is worn around the smallest part of the waist, near the mid-drift.

(Forgive me; I'm sure a question like this has been posted before, but my search was much too broad and after wading through numerous posts I finally gave up looking for it.)

I'll delete this post later once I have the answer(s) I need. ♥ Thank you in advance!
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So as much as I hate using the word "loliable", I found a website that has some beautiful accessories that would be perfect for Lolita.  There are some really shween pirate cameos as well for the well dressed pirate loli.  I haven't purchased anything yet, but I definitely will soon.  Just thought everyone would like to take a gander.  Go ahead and click the image to be taken to the site.

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