December 19th, 2007

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Another Rosechocolat question....yea.....

I was wondering how fast they ship their products. Now before you all go "Read memories -Noob" on me, I am getting the impression that they take up to 15 weeks for delivery. But I ordered a pair of the "clip ribbon" and a pair of the "band ribbon" on 11/15/2007. That's it. I was hoping that they would ship by Christmas, but I guess I am being too naive? Thank you for your time.
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Big Footed Loli: Shoe Recommendations?

So, my shoe size is a women's 11 wide, or 12 depending on the shoe style. Obviously my foot is not going to squeeze into a brand shoe. >.<
So, I was wondering where other larger-footed lolis find their shoes, and what sort of shoes? Links to online sites are more than welcome. :P
Thank you in advance ladies!

[EDIT] So after browsing, I found some shoes that I think may work for the loli style. However, since I'm still new to this I would greatly appreciate opinions of some more seasoned lolitas.

1. I thought these might work for ELG/ELA?
2. I really like that the wedge is only 1"...
3. They also come in flats, if that's better...
Machan by manjumymanji
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You're welcome to join otome_no_bara!

Hello! I would like to invite You to a new community for admirers and fans of Takemoto Novala! If you enjoy reading his books & essays, or want to know more about him & his career, or want to follow his otome-philosophy, please join now! We will be posting as many translations as our bilingual members can write, updates on Novala's life and career, scans and photos, related artists, etc. We hope to gather everyone who likes Novala and enjoy our new community a lot~♥


♥When you join, please read the profile and the welcome post first♥
♥Please remeber that good manners are a must♥

Posting permission received from miyu_sakura.
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Eep! Another Disneyland photopost!

Here are a few of my photos from the Disneyland meetup on Dec. 15th....!

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I'm really sad I didn't get to spend more time with everyone! It was for the greater good, I suppose, since stupid Disney peeps were trying to throw us out every 5 steps we took.. ;.; Next time! Thanks for taking the time to organize the meetup, kuramew!

Thanks everyone for introducing me to the ways of SoCal (I'm a recent transplant)! I really appreciated it ;)


I know that a lot of ladies on the community are looking for Victorian boots, or Victorian styled shoes, so I've decided to share some of my personally well loved bookmarks with you all. Here are a few of my favorite sites, and almost all of them feature custom sizing for you larger footed souls! Many are pricey, but extremely well made and worth the dollars (compared to some shoddily made brand shoes XP ).

-My Vintage Shoe: A Step Back in Time
    Also check out their vintage shoe section for Victorian heels.  They also offer high button boots! All custom sized.

 Also carry ankle button boots, but their offerings for sizes are not broad, through size 10.

    They offer one style of Victorian lace up boot through size 10.

-KM Garlick Shoemaker: Specialist in Reproduction Period Shoes
    Look under their 19th Century Section. All custom sized.

-Sarah Juniper
    Now, these are decidedly not Victorian, although they have early 19thc shoes. But she makes the most delicious 18thc shoes and boots I've ever seen. Marie Antoinette style! These would look amazing with a great Rococo inspired dress. All custom sized!

If anyone would like me to add to the list, don't hesitate to comment and share.

Meta Special Set! Now with measurements!

In case anyone was interested in the special set but doesn't look at the page obsessively like me, they have updated the website ( to include measurements for the dress. They are at the bottom, just past all the pictures. Praise the Lord, it will fit me. :D

They also updated the email form to allow you to make First, Second, or Third choice of color. If you had a draft saved of your order, make sure to update it accordingly. :)

Now the tricky bit: I could swear that previously somewhere on that page it said you could choose to pay by Paypal or credit card for overseas orders, but now it doesn't seem to specify what types of payments are accepted for overseas. I'm assuming payment arrangements would be finalized after an order is confirmed but it'll be my first real lolita purchase and my first time placing an international mail-order so naturally I am fretting about every little thing. If I said I wanted to pay by paypal and they aren't accepting paypal any longer would that be grounds to reject my order? D:


Hi! First time poster here, but uh-- Name's Fizzy! I've known about the lolita fashion for about two years now? But I've never tried it, haha. xD I don't think I have the right face for it, so I went the other way! Dandy &Kodona~ The outfit right below counts for Kodona, I think? Or so a friend of mine told me. Story behind it is, found this awesome jacket in a lolita shop in our mall, &it just CALLED OUT TO ME, and told me to BUY IT. D8 So I did lakjfaljf. And of course, camerawhoring ensued. Here's the jacket itself!

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Hair &make-up need a lot of work, and I need to invest in a tripod (&a new camera). D: One of these days! xD But for now, I hope the crappy pictures are good enough. >: Nice to meet y'all~ ♥
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Dear Midwest lolis!

Hi, I and a few others are starting to plan a New Year's/Winter Meetup in Michigan, Either around Detroit or Ann Arbor. I just wanted to post the First in a two part series of polls/input threads here to see if anyone else is interested. If you are from the Michigan area or relatively close (some parts of Ohio are within an hours drive of Ann Arbor and I assume some other states might be also) and interested in meeting up for a Winter Cookie Swap with other Lolitas in a soon to be designated INDOOR spot, Please comment and let us know what you think and which area is better for you. While I'd prefer it be at least a casual lolita dress code, I won't turn you away if you are polite and interested in the fashion even if you don't have a solid outfit or wardrobe yet.

After we decide on a date and location, We'll be making further posts to RSVP :)

Again, that link is:

So please don't be scared to comment!

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I was wondering does anyone know what the pattern is of the GLB vol27? does anyone have the scan of the picture the finnished item looks like in the magazine? (x.x does that make sense?)