December 18th, 2007


A few months back (not sure how long ago it was), but there was a coat tutorial here.
Someone made a black coat from scratch (which looked similar to the style of brand coats) and I believe she drew paint pictures to describe how she constructed it.
I remember that her pictures featured her on a rooftop because she couldn't find a better place to take pictures.

I've searched the memories and looked from 11 pages of anything related to "tutorial" on egl. :)
Does anyone have the link bookmarked?
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I need help with Rosechocolat

Like other community members, I had bad experiences with Rosechocolat.

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It says here on the website that if we are unhappy with the shoes, we could receive a refund.

I returned the shoes and included a note in the box that I wanted a refund with my order number and paypal address. 
bucktick also returned her shoes and sent them a message in Korean making it clear that she wanted a refund.

Neither of us received a refund. Instead, we both received a message saying something along the lines of "We have mailed your goods, here is the tracking number."

We wanted a refund, NOT an exchange. I've even e-mailed Rosechocolat about this and I haven't received a response.

Is there anyone who can contact them or write to them in Korean about this? I'm very upset and I just want my money back.
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Commission pictures (ETC Ribbon Skirt)

I just finished up a commission of an Emily Temple Cute replica Ribbon Skirt for tokyofro. The only pictures I can find of the original skirt belong to swdpunk and I don't want to take them, but Im sure quite a few of you know what the original skirt looks like anyway. She asked that the colors be inverted, so the skirt is mostly black with white trim. I'm pretty happy with the result, especially considering ALL THOSE APPLIQUES. GAH. Appliqueing is a very time-consuming process, even with a machine (and mine is tempermental when it comes to stuff like this, last time I tried a project that involved applique/embroidery i sewed through my finger and ended up passed out on my friend's kitchen floor).

Anyway, on to the pics:

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And no, I'm really not the worlds speediest seamstress-it's just coincidence that I happened to finish these two projects at such a close interval. XD
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A bit of help please?

A while back, a recipe was posted, but now the entry is gone, and it's not on egl_cooking either!

Does anyone have the recipe for these adorable parasol fruit cups still? I remember the basics but I never wrote it down so I'm not positive. If anyone could help, that'd be awesome. Thanks!

Sorry for the dodgey quality of the pic. It's the only one I know of!