December 17th, 2007

Here I go again with the dumb questions.

So, I was thinking of getting from AP's website...however the waistline is just a TEENY bit too little. Like, a little under an inch. Does anyone own this JSK or the onepiece/skirt similar? How much give does the material usually have? I don't mind it being a LITTLE snug just so long as it's not like "WHOMG I CAN'T BREATHE. D:" 

Might I be better off with getting a replica made? I must use the LJ Seek to look up a few people on here I can commission in that case. 8D

Thanks for all your help in advance.

picture request - Meta lacework knit camisole

Does anyone own this Meta camisole? Any color, doesn't have to be the blue.

I'm wondering if anyone has pictures of it laid out flat instead of on a person/mannequin. I'm curious if it has any waist shaping or if it's just a rectangle with a drawstring at the waist for shaping (which is what it looks like from the stock pictures, but I want to be sure). I might try to knit something like it if I can figure a few of the construction particulars out. Thanks! :)
liz lisa; lucky girl

Help with Mary Magdalene please >_

This is my first entry and I'm sorry if you're annoyed of these kind of entries but I really need your help >_<
I just got into Lolita and I only ordered one little thing from Metamorphose. Now I was thinking of buying something from Mary Magdalene.
So far, I think the waist measurements are a little bit too tight, but I don't think it will cause too big problems as the Meta thing was reputed to be even 2cm smaller than that one from Mary and it still fitted.
Anyway, now I have a problem with the shoulder width. It is said that this dress (I hope it's still available U_U) has a shoulder width of 32cm.
Now I wonder, how can I exactly measure that on me? Do I have to measure from the bones or not? Or maybe there's something special about those dresses. Does anyone have one like this? ;__;
Please help me >_< Thank you cuties~
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Lolita Megumi

Shirring Tutorial

As a new loli, I have been using just about every tutorial I could find on this community. So I wanted to give back by sharing a shirring tutorial I found online earlier.
I plan on using it to make a jumper similar to this one. (tips in the comments on keeping the elastic for coming undone)
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