December 16th, 2007


About Double Decker Boots...

I'm thinking about ordering from Double Decker, but I have a quick question about their boot sizing, particularly the belt covered triple sole boots. I wear an 10/11 US (depends on the shoe) which equals about a 26 Japanese. Should I just give up on the boots and see if I can find a pair like them? If so, where can I find something, because I don't think I've ever seen anything close? Thanks in advance for the help and all the help in the past! Hopefully, I'll have something to show for it in February.
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ITS Petti News

I just received my poof petticoat that I ordered fromIn the Starlight. I know there was some concern over the fact that she (Leah?) didn't wrap the petticoats (I dunno if there was concern over her not wrapping other items as well) in plastic and that she just sent them in a box with no protection against the elements. I asked her specifically to wrap my order after I read that this was an issue and she sent it in a plastic garment bag. She seemed surprised that this was an issue and I think she's making it a regular practice now. Jut so you know. The poof petti is wonderful, by the way. Fits perfect, nicely constructed. Not sure if this warranted a post, but whatever.  

**Thank you dyrmagnos!

Help out a noob?

LJ seek and I are not friends. I just can't seem to put in the right phrase to get what I want, so if anyone can link me to an entry about how a first time buyer can get brand, that'd be fabulous.
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I'm going fabric shopping later today to make a dress and I'd like to know what kind of fabric Angelic Pretty uses. I know I've seen it on egl before, but I couldn't find it using the search.
Also, what type of fabric is best for hairbows again?
This is pretty much my first time attempting to make a lolita dress, so I'm a little confused ^^;

Thank you xoxo
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Hello ladies and gentlemen of EGL, I have a question for all of you that have used Celga to order items from Japan.
I recently bought some fabric through Celga and I received an email with my item number and tracking website. My question is : the number is  an item number right? And secondly, am I tracking the item through EMS?  Ive never used a service like this before. Thanks in advance.

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Lucky bag announcement

This month's kera has the winter sale/lucky bag announcements and there is a preview of what will come in Angelic Pretty and Putumayo's lucky bags.
Angelic pretty is 21,000 yen and comes in pink, blue, or black. Putumayo's is 10,500 yen and comes in black/black, black/white, and black/red. Hope this helps those of you who are trying to get one through a shopping service!

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize so many people were unfamiliar with the lucky pack system. These lucky packs will go on sale new year's day at Laforet harajuku IN STORE ONLY. The only way to get one is through a personal shopping service or a friend that will visit the actual store for you on new year's day very early in the morning OR wait for the flood of lucky bags on yahoo auctions.
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Searching for a Post re: photography tips

My memories/archive searching skills failed me, so hopefully someone can help me out. I'm looking for a post that gave tips on how to take better photos.

I know I can look on google for general photography tips, but this one was helpful in focusing on taking pictures in Lolita, dressing yourself up nicely, etc. Or at least, that's what my fuzzy memory think. Maybe it doesn't exist, haha. Thanks.

(thanks maetel9)

...any other good tutorials related to this topic you've found useful would also be appreciated. =D
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New skirt

So, I posted about these two pieces of fabric i had earlier here. The rooster/chicken fabric where used for this shirt, and now I've finally made the second one. Personally I think this one looks way better then then first one.
This is also the Christmas present for my lovely and awesome friend Charlotte (she doesn't read there, so no worries about me posting). I worked alot with this, so hopefully she'll love it.

Well, on with the pictures! (I sadly haven't got one of be wearing it, but it looks really cute on)

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I would, yet again, love you get you lovely ladies thoughts here. Great job or crappy ass gift?

More EOY 2007 pictures

Hi everyone! Here are a few pictures that I took during Singapore's cosplay event on Saturday. It was my first time there, there were loads of people and the very first lolita panel was held too. On to the pics~~Erm, if anyone prefers their pic to be taken down or wants their picture in bigger sizes, just tell me!

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Amusing (?) find.

I thought  I should share this with you guys because I was SO amused upon discovering it. 

I was shopping with my best friend yesterday, mostly keeping my eyes peeled for Loli-able goods. We went in to this small shop and I saw a heart-shaped purse very similar to the classic ones that Baby, The Stars Shine Bright put out. It looked to be of a Synthetic leather, but when I went to pick it up and look at it I quickly discovered it was made of...RUBBER. 8D ...At least it was water-proof?  

Is it just me or are rubber purses "so not rori"?

Discuss. XD


Dances of Vice Pt 2

Vecona118 copy

I was delighted to receive such an enthusiastic response for Rasputina and the Dances of Vice Festival in egl. It's too bad many of you aren't able to make it due to age restrictions, but thank you for your support anyway! If there is anyone who might be going, please feel free to check in through our LJ or join the DOV mailing list to get in touch with other EGLs who will be attending, as it would be fun to organize a meet-up.

As a further introduction to the community, I've posted a picture of myself above, wearing fashion designed by German costumer Vecona. She had a fashion show at Dances of Vice a few months ago. Gothic Lolis should definitely check out her work! The foto was taken by Tina Cassati.