December 15th, 2007

Shipping Fee's

Hi , girls it's me again hehe
I was wondering if any of you know a site where I can get shipping frees around the world etc..
I am very new and only just a newbie buyer right now.Of course I want to sell as well any tons of ladies ask what's the shipping to so-so so lol It would be nice to have that info on hand.

I would try google etc.. but I am never good at fining things like that.

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the scurry sisters

Gothic Lolitas in New York interested in Rasputina?

DOV art by Molly Crabapple
© Molly Crabapple - Dances of Vice Program Guide cover art

Salut! I was just wondering whether any EGLs are interested in the cello rock band Rasputina. They possess a distinctly gothic Victorian aesthetic and style. I am the organizer of the Dances of Vice Festival in New York in February 2008, and Rasputina will be the headlining act for the festival in the exciting context of a Victorian costumed ball. We will be featuring a number of prizes at the event appealing to the EGL community, such as Victorian hats, corsets, jewelry, and so forth. Seeing as EGLs are perfectly suited (dressed?) for the occasion, I would love to invite members of the EGL community to the festival to represent the Lolita scene. Perhaps we could even organize a NY meetup?

Furthermore, if you sell or design fashion, artwork, or accessories that appeals to a Neo-Victorian, gothic Lolita, and/or steampunk audience, perhaps you could consider advertising with the Festvial, which would be a guaranteed way to increase sales and exposure for your business. Interested parties may investigate further at our website.

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Flying balloons

Things I saw at Disneyland tonight

I know the official meet up isn't till tomarrow, But I was at Disneyland today to watch my little sister's choir perform. Tonight during the tree lighting ceremony (Seriously, WTF?) while I was trying to avoid that fake snow and slow people who wouldn't move out of the way of an oncomming wheelchair, I spotted two lolitas! I wanted to go take their picture, but the motion of the crowd moved me away in the opposite direction.

I hope the girls going to the meet tomarrow have a ton of fun, but also remember to bundle up. It was absolutely frigid tonight and it deterred my family from later than we normally would have. We went home before the fireworks :(
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Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the meetup today. T_T;;. I'm sad that I won't be able to meet you lovely ladies, but I hope we can have f another in the near future. I wish you all the happiest of holidays.

(Sorry to spam the comm with this, I wasn't sure how else to contact the girls).
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Dickens Faire

If anyone is planning on going, I'll be at the Dickens Faire today from 11-7 and then at Gaskells tonight. I'll be wearing a white button-down shirt, red/brown plaid skirt (no hoops), and a light brown capalet at Fezziwigs (seriously, I live there now). At Gaskells look for the girl in the great big blue plaid 9though it's small plaid) dress with the big pouf of a skirt and large drapey blue necklace. Brown hair and glasses if you still have trouble. I'll be at Dickens tomorrow, too, for anyone who can't catch me today. Find me and we can all go have tea or something! :D
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made by and for me exclusively. kthx.
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Meta Apple Series

Did anyone save the pictures from the new apple series? I went to the Kyoto shop today and tried on the stuff I reserved a few weeks ago, and it doesn't suit me at all, even though it's incredibly cute. I'll be selling a JSK, overknee socks and possible one of the belted circle skirts, hence the need for pictures! Thanks~.

ebay find?

I was browsing vintage clothes on ebay, as i am wont to do from time to time, and a came across a coat that looks like it's loli compatible. Possibly good with classic style? It certainly looks like it can fit a skirt. I was quite taken with it. it's probably from the very early 50s/late 40s, and it's (supposedly) Dior.

it sort of reminded me of one of the MM coats. I was sorely tempted, but it would be too long/large for me, so i thought I would share.

Perhaps it's only loli-ish, but it's so hard to find a coat that can accommodate a skirt and petti that it seemed worth posting.
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looking for pictures of pictures

Im looking for pictures of framed pictures that use as decorations in Angelic Pretty shops. I know they change the little snapshots of the shops/parties in the shops.. every so often and ive just lost some of the ones i wanted to see..
Im mostly interested in shots that i can see the design of the frame .. even if just vaguely.
and really just any shots of the things they use to decorate, but mostly frames

like THIS and the pictures one the shelves in THIS

(and no im not looking for the actual art peices!)
me: nihlus

New Loli-inspired hanbok-style: "Han-loli"

A little history:
Way back in 2005 when I was still kinda new to livejournal, I wondered why there was no such thing as a "han"-loli or look based on hanbok (Korean traditional dress). I hadn't done much with it since then... until recently, when I really started to try to understand the lolita style. I tried to incorporate some lolita style to hanbok... but for sewing, I just altered the hanbok a little.

Now I know that just adding lace does not equal loli... but I still find it cute looking. :3

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I have a couple more designs and will definitely make them - whether or not they are loli because I find them cute. :3

I just want to know what the egl community thinks of it and/or cultural wear adaptation as a whole.

...or if anyone in the egl community has seen a "han"-loli, if they could forward the pictures so I could have a reference point. ^^;;

Suggestions more than welcome!