December 14th, 2007


Questions about sewing (and some random Loli stuff too) from a newbie

Okay... thought I'd start sewing soon, but I have a question for those who actually DO sew. First, should I go the self-taught method from a book, or would I be better off investing in some classes at the fabric store? My mom's made it pretty clear she doesn't have time to teach me how. 

Second, regarding the Gothic and Lolita Bible patterns: when I actually took them out and looked at them, they were IMPOSSIBLE to understand. How does one go about using them, and are translations available (FYI, the ones I have are from the Summer 07 issue. With the Flower Fairies cover.)

Finally, about undergarments: First, how essential are bloomers? I looked in the historical sections of the pattern books, but their bloomers are... nonpuffy. Is there anywhere I can find a good, puffy bloomers pattern? Also, what is the ideal material for a petticoat? My current one is made of netting, but that's because the one big Goth Lolita dress I do have is made with some rather heavy material.  It looks kinda... lumpy... under my thinner skirts.  Petticoats seem easy enough to make, but I can't quite figure out what to make them out of. 

Finally, how essential IS the flared skirt shape? I ask this because I own a dress that is nearly identical to this one from the Metamorphose site (don't remember when I saved that picture file, though- I have a habit of surfing Lolita sites and saving the dress pics for reference/inspiration/fantasizing) Obviously, it's not the "traditional" Lolita shape.  Would I wear a dress like that with bloomers to keep the skirt from going flat, or just a special petticoat?

Thanks for any help you can give this overwhelmed newbie. ^_^
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Another question about custom charges

I tried searching EGL and memories but i found nothing
I got custom charges on a dress i ordered from baby, and they're £95. Ninety five pounds sdakfjbasldjbgljsdb I'm only 15. How can they expect me to pay something that's MORE than the dress!?
SO <3 i wondered
what happens if you don't pay the custom charges?
Thank you
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Picture Post!

Wednesday night was a Holiday Reception at a fancy hotel downtown, with the Chancellor of the University of Texas. The next day was no special event save for my last final exam of the semester.

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I also do not think that I ever posted the finished images of my green floral underbust JSK from this post.
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Christmas wishes

I was wondering..
If you had 3 wishes for christmas..what would they be? 
So now I'm asking anwser that :D!
Now if you may have an even more important wish but it's private and you don't want to post that one, just don't do it :)
I'm very curious what yours are
~I hope I made a good cut~

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Extra Ticket for Pittsburgh Nutcracker Event

One of the girls planning to attend had a sudden change of plans, so her ticket is available to the performance of "The Nutcracker" tomorrow evening.  No one has claimed it on our community, so I thought  we might find someone  here.  The show begins at 7:00 PM, and I ask that the person be outside the theatre by 6:00 PM.  We are having a full-scale meet-up beginning at noon, the details of which can be found at 

pgh_lolita.  If anyone is interested in the ticket, please respond ASAP.  It is free of charge.