December 13th, 2007


America's EGL

I would greatly appreciate anyone's requests for what they'd like to see in an American inspired EGL/EGA photobook. I am currently thinking about collaborating with someone, and being that you guys are so awesome, I'd love to hear your ideas.

Luckypack madness

Okay who else woke-up early, called in sick, is pretending to be working etc while waiting for the lucky pack.
What do you think will be in them this year? I'm really hoping for a plain black skirt myself. I don't feel like making one myself with all the patterned fabric and cutsew fabric I have right now. A jsk with a shirred back would be nice as well. :D If there's bloomers I just hope they'll fit me!

Edit: So when do we get confirmation that we got one!?! I'm all freaked out and wondering now. XD;;; Did I get one aaaah!

Edit 2: I got one! Yaaaaay! I have to wait for so long. @_@

I can't get used to the puffiness/questions/woes.

Argh, I have this problem.

I've had a few lolita blouses now, and every time I put one on, I feel ridiculous. I just can't get used to the high collars, the puffy sleeves, and all the lace. I love how it looks on other people. When I wear them, I feel like a giant, silly puffball with lace that's eating my neck. I'm thinking of just ditching blouses altogether and sticking with heart and square shape necklines, but I really love jumperskirts + blouse combinations. I can never seem to get my hands on a blouse that is pretty and delicate, without seeming too OTT and pufftastic. The last IW blouse I bought was adorable on the site but when I tried it on I died a little inside. How does one get over this phase?

I got my order from F+F today, and this is the blouse I ordered. I thought this blouse was PERFECT because its rather simple compared to others I've seen, but F+F seem to think I have broad shoulders and thus the top is a bit... wide. They made it a wee bit big. In other words, I look like I'm wearing one of those grandma style shoulderpads.

I really cannot sew to save my life, so I can't ascertain whether or not its possible to get the width around the shoulders narrowed. Is it? There's lots of lace and dart thingies there, would it be a terrible complex job?

Is there anywhere I can get very simple, but sweet blouses? Like the blouse the chick is wearing in the egl comm header - its cute, but simplistic. Brand sites have failed me in this aspect.
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AP Band

Lolita Princess

Disclaimer: I searched through LJ find and didn't see anything.

While looking through Momo's Handicrafts store I found some pictures of rather cute items that (obviously) were stolen but they still had the original shop watermark on them. So I searched it up and found an amazing wonderland of goods!

The shop "Lolita Princess" is based in China and as far as I can tell (from google translation) I think they ship overseas, but I'm not sure!

Some of the things have cheap lace on them but some don't so you really just need to look through.

I'm not sure about the quality of the items, but with adorable coats for only $64 Im sure willing to give them a try!

They also have non-lolita items (like punk-ish and biker gear) in another section so if you like that kind of stuff you should check it out.

My Favorite Things

What does everyone think of BABY's new line? I wasn't sure about it at first, but then I saw this.. soo cute! the only thing I dislike is the split down the middle, it looks kind of strange..

I just imagine the designers saying "We couldn't decide between Teddy Bears, Perfume, Cake, and Presents, so we just put them all together!"
cinammon roll

Hello dollies. <3

Hello Lovely Ladies ( And Gents? ) Of EGL.
I was wondering... Any of you from the South Florida/Miami area?
I just moved here a few months ago and I'm in need of some loli friends. >:
I searched the Florida communities... but they seem pretty dead. D:
Maybe organize a meet up after Christmas? <33

( Yay first post. /shot )

Me as a model! ^^ (6 BIG pictures)

Hello to you all!

I recently had the opportunity to be a model for Mist Stockholm and I wore my favourite lolita dresses! ^^ So I thought to post the pictures here to get to know what you think of them.

The poses may not be special lolita poses, that’s because those photos were taken to “fit in” to other casual ones. 

Collapse )

Hope you like them! ^^
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christmas worries

has anyone had or expecting any lolita disasters for christmas or birthdays?y'know opening supposedly imported lolita to find bad cosplays? or kurololitas opening sweet frilly dresses instead of the moitie coat they were promised?

i'm wondering because after asking simply for "money for brand" my mother has just informed me that she doesn't want me buying any more "floofy" dresses because she believes i don't wear them-this is rubbish as i don't live at home she just doesn't see me wearing them! an so won't give me nearly enough money for my upcoming birthday as well as christmas in order to buy what i asked for. My father on the hand has jumped right in an says he's bought me "little things from the shops he knows i like in japan" this means he's bought me lolita accessories or the bizarre little things like coin tins brands have around their tills-i'm not a fan of these so much and i'm very picky with accessories so i am now DREADING my birthday and christmas presents.

has anyone else had or currently having this problem? 

*edit* ho my goodness me why does everything i type sound so serious! i am so very grateful for recieving anything at all for christmas! i really didn't mean this to sound so serious! i meant it to be about disastrous gifts!sorry everyone for sounding like a brat >_<*