December 11th, 2007

Damn I'm hot

A little clarification:

Granted, it was used incorrectly, as kinderwhore is NOT a subcategory of Lolita. However, it seems that people were offended by the term, and I just thought I'd clear that up.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I know that many of you know what it means. If you know what it means, then this post is not for you. Please ignore it. However, a large portion of this community was born after kinderwhore came into being and then disappeared, so there's no reason that they would know.

The original post in which this came up can be found here.
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question about ling lam shoes

Please forgive me, I tried ultilizing LJ seek, and the service appears to down.

I had a question about the quality of Ling Lam shoes. I was looking at this auction. I think they're baby replicas? For anyone who owns these do you have pictures of you wearing them? I'm curious to see how they look on real people. Plus,are they true to size? How comfortable are they?

Thanks in advance!
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Picture request

For some reason I'm starting to really want a beret lately, but I'm still not sure how I feel about them. So could I ask people to post pictures of them wearing one? Any brand/style/whatever would be much appreciated!

Just a small dress-up game to pass time.

I was doing the usual dev-art rounds when I came across this small dress up game.
It seems to be at least Lolita inspired if using bodyline clothes.=p

There's also a cute boy one.;

Mods feel free to delete if inappropriate.
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made by the lovely <lj user="xreachthesk

Loliable Handmade Jewerly

Have any of you seen tulle's newest stuff? She posts the things she makes in dearest, and if you haven't heard of it before, you should definitely check it out! She has a couple Mary Antoinette necklaces (I like the one with pearls in particular) and a rosary that might be interesting to the gothic lolitas out there. If this is redundant, let me know.
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(no subject)

Hey everyone! I'm getting some rocking horse shoes from ling_lam but I'm not sure what size to get. My normal shoes size is about  US size 10 (my feet are wide so it's sometimes 10-10.5). However, my friend got a pair from them size 9-9.5 and even though they were pretty tight, the shoes still fit without really being uncomfortable. So would you suggest I stick with my normal shoes size of 10-10.5 or go for the 9-5-10?

Thank you for helping!
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contacting Tokyo Pop

In this previous entry (which I'm sure we've all seen by now) pezzazz posted a terrible article in the lead-up to Tokyo Pop's release of their English Gothic Lolita Bible in February.
Now of course I'm angry, but I want to take action, and not sit back and await this thing to come out before I let Tokyo Pop know of my grievances. Given the 'quality' of the article in the previous post it's obvious that Tokyo Pop are putting money first, and actual research, and article correctness second.

So I'm asking if anyone has any way to contact maybe Kathy Schilling (the author of the horrendous article) or someone else who has direct contact with the magazine.
Tokyo Pop has a whole contact page here, but I guess I want to be sure that anything I send is going to get to the right person.

I also want to know if any other lolitas are going to send letters encouraging Tokyo Pop to try, and do their research first before putting out their magazine in February.
I guess I'm sort of hoping that if Tokyo Pop get enough of us banging outside their door they might actually listen to us.

Some of us are writing emails to the Media Inquiry email address, it'd kick ass if you lovely ladies, and gentlemen could do the same:
But please do not send any hateful, or trolling material. We want a friendly, and positive resolution for everyone; while of course making Tokyo Pop aware that the majority of us are very upset with how they're representing our fashion.
Thanks everyone!
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coordinate help?

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And now I don't know what to wear with it! I want to wear it for Christmas, so originally I thought of wearing a corsage in my hair of either false white poinsettias or false mistletoe, but I still don't know what to wear for either a sweater, or gloves, stockings or shoes... I love the VM style this dress gives off, any ideas? Definitely classic - Victorian look, help please?

thanks in advance,

Skirt Waistband Alteration?

Ok so candyholicxo's post "Altering" made me thinking about getting a few of my skirts altered. The waist band on on my BTSSB skirts is just a little snug and thusly they aren't very comfortable. So I have a few questions.

1st - How would I decide on the appropriate waistband measurement for my waist size? Once I measure my waist how many inches should I add onto that measurement so that the skirt is comfortable?

2nd - Should I have the alterations place add elastic in the back? Would that add to the comfort of the skirt? or would this not be cost efficient when it comes to getting it altered.

3rd - Has anyone ever had alterations done like this? If so, about how much should it cost?

(This doesn't need to be under a cut does it?)


i keep bumping into people an places stocking a brand called Infant. However i've only ever seen one piece by them an it's not a good enough picture to judge the quality. My curiosity has finally gotten the better of me! Does anyone own anything by this brand? what's the quality like? is it comparable to traditional brand names?is it a japanese brand?
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Burton + Alice

So I was reading through Digg and found this article about Tim Burton filming an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Here's the link for you all.

EDIT: shibahime did some googling and found that "the Alice movie is apparently contracted by Disney and will be done in 3D"

DOUBLE EDIT: More linkage thanks to shibahime.
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