December 10th, 2007

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About buying ''Handmade Lolita clothes'' on E-bay...

I like the size customization and variety of designs these shops offer over brand websites, and I also don't plan on dressing Loli more than once or twice a week.   I'd rather buy a few cheaper items for variety, than one or two high-quality ones that will last forever, but I also don't want to end up with very poor-quality pieces.  I just started glancing around and this seller in particular caught my eye, but I'm still new to buying Lolita.

Any advice on how to shop for decent non-brand Lolita clothes online would be a huge help.  Thank you!
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diy headdress/bow

Can anyone give me tips (or point me in the right direction to some) on making my own oversized bow and/or headdress? Basically, what materials are best? And if you have any kind of pattern you use, that would be helpful as well.

Thanks in advance! <3


NYAF was really hectic for me. xD
No comment on Tokyopop atm,
and I think we did pretty good for my first panel, though complications came in at the last minute. But we nearly had a full house! @_@

ANYWAYS, point of this post is to ask anyone who was taking pictures there, if you can leave album links and stuff in my journal so we can have big picture post? Thanks!

And I thank everyone for coming! Hope to see you again soon. :3
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I was in San Francisco this past weekend for the Dickens Faire and saw someone dressed up in loli! I was wondering if anyone else was planning on taking the opportunity to dress up and visit. I'll be there next weekend as well and would love to meet up with anyone.
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Hiromi Sato

I used the search function to see if it has been mentioned before and didn't find anything, so forgive me if this is a repeat

I was looking around the MaruiOne website for some xmas shopping when I came across some of Hiromi Sato's artwork and I just wanted to share
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World Lolita Exchange: REMINDER

  So far  10 out of 42 people have sent me pictures of their partners gift, this is a reminder to all participants in the WLE that all gifts must be done and a picture must be sent to be BY DECEMBER 14, THIS FRIDAY in order for me to send out the rest of the addresses.

Art contest for BTTSB clothes

I don't know if this was posted here before but I did an ljseek and found nothing so here it goes...

I was looking for something else, but I found something a little interesting for the artists here at egl. Long story short: Apparently Shojo Beat is holding an art/design contest. This piece of information is useless to me since I can't draw to save my life, so I thought to share it with everyone else who can.

The winner gets 8 pieces from Baby the Star Shines Bright. From what I interpret in the offical rules you can win up to $100 USD in hats/hair accessories and $250 USD in dresses/jsk(?)/cloaks(?)/cutsew. 

EDIT: The 8 pieces are ones shown in the pictures on the SB website. I wasn't complete sure before. Thanks lunarlolita!

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Tokyopop on Lolita... more specifically Goth Lolita... more specifically Goth Lolita in manga

The Tokyopop translation of the G&L Bible is scheduled for February 2008, however, the publishing company has already begun to whore itself out in various press releases and appearances. Last weekend at the New York Anime Festival they had a rose-covered archway for taking photographs in one's Lolita best, along with panels on the topic (featuring egl mod missmeganmaude amongst others) and a propped up image of their new, ELD of the Bible's cover in their large stretch of territory.

In Tokyopop's most recent issue of MANGA Magazine, amongst a cover and preview for the the Goth-Vampire OGM series Vampire Kisses: Blood Relatives was an article on Lolita itself: The World According to Goth Loli, written by Kathy Schilling, a Tokyopop editor. The cover tag was "Goth Corner: It's Not Just Lace and Frills." The following is a verbatim transcript of the article without any editing to in any way alter its intent. What that intent was, I leave up to the reader, but after reading it myself I was particularly swayed in my opinion of Tokyopop's continuing contributions to the Western Lolita community, which can be found here. Although my reaction may be pretty blatantly apparent, I'm interested in what the rest of the egl community has to think, especially about the article's indication of the perspective of which the revised G&LB will take.

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