December 9th, 2007


Art: a green-eyed lolita

presents for you!

Hello everyone, I haven't been around for a while, but I wanted to post one last time and share my annual Christmas Lolita art! This year's theme is lots and lots of bows. Click the thumbnail for the larger version on Deviantart.

Even though I'm no longer interested in lolita as much, I just want to thank members of this community, past and present, for showing me cute and adorable things and helping me hone my clothing design and sewing skills, such as they are. I would have never known all that I know now without the gateway this Livejournal community provided into the magical world of EGL, and of course, if I hadn't gotten into it, I wouldn't have made, umm... 2 friends... maybe?

What makes you happy to know about lolita besides the clothes? Making friends? Finding other things you like? Learning how to sew? Starting your own business? Giving you the motivation to earn money or study harder or be nicer? Maybe you were just in it for the clothes, nothing wrong with that. Well, that's it from me, bye and have a great holiday (if you celebrate them).

BPN Buyer

Hi girls ^.^

I am currently looking for a buyer on LJ that will get me a item from BPN before xmas time.
If anyone knows someone or if you are my buyer out there please comment ^-^
Note : I know theres buyers out there but I am looking for one brand & have a time line.

Thanks  , Luna
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Candy Violet Question...

*question answered*

I want to order a skirt from Candy Violet....but according to them I'm a large!?
I'm 5'3" and about 115 lbs. and haven't bought large ANYTHING(save children's clothes) in my entire life!
So...I'm pretty baffled.
Any suggestions?

>and before you say check LJSeek, I DID,but didn't find anything terribly informative.
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Coordination and Netshop questions

Alright ladies (and gentlemen), I've a few questions.

The first is: Does anyone know if Potosu is still around, and has a webshop? The link in the directory is dead, and I did an LJ search and all that came up was a post stating this fact. I just bought a Potosu JSK from another member on the comm_sales journal, and love it so much that I'd like to see what else they have.

My second question concerns the JSK mentioned above. Here is a picture of my dress (seller's picture), and I was wondering: what do my fellow lolis think would coordinate well with it? I bought it from glass_bubblegum, and I believe she said it was an antique white color. Based on the picture, what colors would you suggest I wear with it? I prefer to stick to one color, and I'm a shirololi (thought I do wear classical at times), if that helps with things. My WTB shows what I thought would look well with it, but alas, I am still a lowly loli n00b with little fashion sense.


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Looking for AP Dollhouse JSK measurements and photos :)

 Has anyone here previously had or currently owns an AP dollhouse JSK, or the mode girl OP?

I'd like to know the bust measurement because I'm deciding between the dollhouse skirt and JSK,
depending on whether my lack of chest fits into the JSK, and for some weird reason I thought this line ran small? :S

Stock photos of either the dollhouse JSK or skirt in any of the colourways would be greatly appreciated!

mad hatter

(no subject)

I've been looking for a really cute bento and I found a goth-loli set on Jlist that I just didn't like. Does anyone have any good sites on where to buy cute and unique bento? I've been also searching for AGES for a Badtz Maru (long before he was discontinued and then reissued), but that seems absolutely impossible at this point.

I had seen one lolita box on ebay a while back with the whole set including a black vinyl bag with little skull charms. Any thoughts or ideas? i would like a complete set and especially if anyone knows of a set that would be great for guys, i'd like to get one for my boyfriend, too.

New Community

Hello everyone I would like to invite you to join a new community pagan_loli for girls who love Lolita and are Pagan. All are welcome.
This post was approved by abbie_chan.

Edit If your religion is not on there yet please don't fret it will be there soon.  I am at work so I am multi tasking and probably just haven't had time to add it yet thank you. 
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with permission from miyu_sakura....

lolita_indies A new community devoted to the less well-known brands such as Aristocratic Sucre, Millefleurs/Millenoirs, Fairywish and many more. We also hold discussions on related fashions such as Pink House/Natural-kei, "cute" style/ojousama-style etc. We hope that you'll join~


from mods:
shibahime and tsu_
fairy wish

again Lolitas on hel-looks

Someone already pointed out that sometimes there are Lolitas on the Helsinki fashion-site hel-looks, they just updated and the first 3 are photos with Lolitas, the first one is wearing AatP, the two girls on the second page are wearing homemade outfits (although the aprons look a bit cosplayish) and the third one is a sweet Lolita :D

Lolita Basics?

So I was watching Tim Gunn's Guide To Style recently, and a thought occured to me. On the show Tim Gunn says that there are ten basic items a woman needs in her closet (not counting shoes)

Tim's 10 Fashion Essentials,
Basic Black Dress
Trench Coat
Classic Dress Pants
Classic White Shirt
Day Dress
Cashmere Sweater
Sweatsuit Alternative
Bonus: One Indulgent Trendy Item Under $20

so I thought "Well, sure for the average American woman, yeah, but what about subcultures, they need their own list. So I want to here what you guys consider to be the ten EGL basics (not counting shoes and baubles... feel free to include them, but they don't count towards the ten)

Comment away ^_^
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