December 8th, 2007

VM Beth questions

There's a dress on VM Beth that I've been looking at for a while, and now that it's on sale I'm thinking to try and get it, but I had a couple questions:

A) does anybody know if the underskirt/hem-ruffle is attached to the dress, or if it's an underskirt you have to buy separately like some other VM things?

B) do any of you have non-stock photos of this dress? or others colourways of it? Not an imperative or urgent request, just sometimes seeing owner photos can give a different impression than promo pics.

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I'm also curious about one of the sale coats.
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Anybody have this? It's called a coat dress on the site, and i'm wondering what kind of weight it is and whether it's supposed to be more 'coat' or 'dress'.

Another favor

Okay, so I looked through the LJ Seek and the memories and I couldn't find anything on this, so here goes.

I am thinking of placing an order with F+F in the near future and I have an unreasonable amount of  a few questions. :D

I wanted to include that skirt. But the length on the model looked a bit short to me on the model wearing it. Does it seem short to you? Though, considering that I'm 5'3 and they made it for a woman of 5'5 I don't think I'll have a problem,  

Also about their seems to run larger. I read in LG Search that it would be better if I just mailed them custom measurements which I think is a good idea. But has anyone who doesn't order with custom sizing ever had a problem? 

I've also read that the quality of F+F goes down over the holidays. In what sort of ways? Are the items completely messed up or are there just small errors? How long after the holidays should I wait to place my order? 

Thanks for all your lovely help so far!


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Babyssb Double Plastic Bow headband

I think I'm blind; I couldn't find the original entry, so I'll just post it on here to give y'all the heads up. ^^ Someone earlier was asking about Baby's double plastic double headbows (as seen on Poupeegirl~)

They just posted them on their blog with price and color info, in case you're wanting to send a shopping service out for 'em. Maybe if they posted them on the blog, they'll go up on the site too! (but that's a big maybe - there's a lot of things they don't put up D:)

They're 4,410 yen and come in Off-White, Pink, Red (Rouge), and Black.

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Black N blue

Closet child problem

Hello fellows Lolita, Sorry for the n00b question but...

I'm dying to buy a meta skirt from Closet child but the problem is I really don't speak japanese.. I did a nifty translation but It doesn't translate the shopping cart page, which leaves me in confusion as to how I'm supposed to understand how to buy it :--S

Could someone pretty please help me with the traduction?

Thanks <3
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Hi all :)

My first time posting, so if I make a mistake, I apologize in advance.

I was interning at a local photography studio a while ago, and got from them a big bunch of old fabrics and such they'd been using as props or part of their window display. I also got a lot of tulle and some of this rather lacy fabric, and was obviously ecstatic, a big bunch of free tulle and lace! My only problem is, though, that some of it is pretty odd color. I now have yards of green and shock orance tulle, for example. So, what I'm curious about is, if anybody has ever tried dyeing tulle or lace? Have you found any sort of dye that works, what are your experiences? The regular fabric dye I use is only for cotton, and I'd rather not waste the dye, nor risk damaging the fabric by experimenting too much (I mostly use dye that you put into the washing machine with the fabric, I know there are different kinds, but I live in a rather small apartment and don't have big enough vats, or simply space, to do any other kind of dyeing, so I'm pretty much stuck with using washing machine dyes only). So I'd be very grateful for any tips or previous knowledge. Thank you!

Also, I recently ran into this lovely litte website called Maide that sells handmade spats, just wanted to link it here, since it seems like something not a lot of people have seen. Sounds a bit odd, but the spats are simply gorgeous and there some models that have a lot of lolita potential. Rather (or very, actually) expensive, but it at least might give you some ideas, if you happen to good with your hands :)

Thank you again!

MaruiOne Quesionnaire

Hi everybody!
MaruiOne has sent me an email asking for feedback on their new website.
They would really appreciate it, as it would help them learn more about the overseas market.

Please answer with understandable english and answer the questions as much detail as you can. [And also number your answers to correlate to the question being answered.]

I will be sending MaruiOne the link to this questionnaire, so make sure what you're saying is honest, helpful, and/or constructive criticism.

If you know another online community that could answer this questionnaire, please tell me. I want to help MaruiOne get as much feedback as possible.

Thank you~!

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QiLolita Picture request

Alright I searched and I could not find. Does anyone have pictures of a QiLolita dress where it's a Chinese dress for the most part but instead of slits on the side there's panels like a tiered skirt? It can be an actual dress whether for a a human or say dollfie or just some art. I can't find any examples I tried ljseek, google and devi.