December 7th, 2007

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Roritas on Ice!!!!

To all you gorgeous Atlanta Lolitas I suggest a Meetup.  

WHEN: Sunday Dec. 22
Time: 2pm-4pm
Where: The Ice Skating Rink at Centennial Park
Price: $8 including Skate Rentals
Caution: Unless you are Michelle Kwan do not wear your most precious piece of Brando.

Sounds Fun? Ay or Nay? 

Anywho see you there.
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On a lighter note everyone loves a debate

I was really interested in but did not participate in skwerlie's debate. Which upon reading some comments got me wondering. What doesn't everyone think of replicas? Whether it's having one commissioned, buying from a site that already does so or making it yourself. Does the morals for so change depending on if it's shoe or clothing? Is it ok to have it done because you can't afford it? Or is it more just because you can't fit in the original? I'll start by stating how I feel on the subject. I really feel that replicating a brand is quite find for whatever reason. Specially seeing as in a small way it's good for the environment and if you commission or purchase it from a American based individual or business (not matter how small) it helps a fraction of our economy.

Please feel free to debate this while fallowing the rules.
Also if I worded any of this wrong can someone please tell me? I openly admit my English gets a little strange.

EDIT: I'm attaching allursoe's question:
Do lolitas in Japan look down on people who wear replicas? Is this even a common practice (I only know of non-japanese sites that sell replicas)?

Maybe some advice.

I just recently moved to Germany.

However, I don't really know any german.
I was wondering how is it like being a Lolita in Germany? As well as how do you guys order from japanese sites? Is it the same method as I would in the states? Also, is there some good services for lolita items for europe/germany?

Also, I was wondering if it will be impossible for me to shop at the BTSSB store in France? Just because I don't know how to speak any french or japanese.

Either way, I feel pretty useless because of my lack of knowing languages.

Anyways thanks.
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I wanted a set of earmuffs much like these ones from Innocent World, so I decided to piece together a pair :P

First, I bought some earmuffs. It was hard to find ones that don't curl into themselves and aren't made of cheap plastic, but with some searching I finally found a pair!

Then, I commissioned sweetfm to make a bow like the one on the IW earmuffs, and when I received it, I attached it to my earmuffs myself!

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