December 5th, 2007

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Need help with Kera Maniax pattern

Hey y'all (I've been watching too much paula deen)

I'm ready to purchase materials to make the BtSSB Halloween JumperSkirt in the latest issue of Kera. However, I am unfamiliar with Kera Patterns and are having some difficulty naviagting into new territory. From what I have gathered, the Bodice requires 1m of fabric. But exactly how much do I need to make the skirt?

I am confused because the page shows two diagrams for the skirt, both requiring about a meter or so for fabric. Does one of these diagrams represent lining? or should I call it a day and use 2m for the skirt?

Also, while I have your attention, is it kosher to mix and match different types of lace on a single garment? say I wanted to use a cluny lace for the neckline, and a venise for the hem and waist? what are your opinons (I know you have them)

Thanks in an advance!
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Atelier Boz sales?

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question that I couldn't find an answer to, as it will soon be the sales season…
Do Atelier Boz ever make online sales? I've loved this brand and have checked their website regularly for the past few years, and I have never seen any sales on it.
They do have sales in their "real" stores (at least, they did when I went to Japan two years ago), but how about online? If I order during the sales period, is there a chance I'd get a reduction ? Do they add a special page for sales that I've failed to find? Or should I ask a shopping service to go and find out in their shops directly? Since I'll have to order through a shopping service in all cases...

Thanks ^^
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Quick Japanesey Question!

Okay! Got a dumb question - I'll delete this once I get an answer~

Does 履き口 (haki..kou or ku or kuchi or something) mean the width of a calf, in terms of shoes?

That's only my guess through amazing powers of deduction (wearing+mouth=??) so I wanna make sure I'm not completely off.

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Update on the Lolita Canned Food Drive

Well, although we have yet to have any groups officially sign up, the lolita food drive is still going on! I am going to go ahead and extend the dates and deadlines in the hopes that some groups will get together to help make a different-- lolita sytle!

So here are the new dates (everything in the original link is still accurate except for the deadlines, so please use that for sign-up information):

Deadline for groups to sign up: Dec. 15th

Deadline for food to be dropped off and photo turned in: Jan. 5th

Hopefully this will encourage you to collect cans on into the new year to do something good for others to start out your 2008!

And really, even if everyone is too busy for the holidays to sign up for this event and make it truly big and global, I am happy to announce that the Chicago lolitas have collected over 50 cans of food thus far and we're still counting! So, even if this only ends up being a local lolita event we would have still made a difference!
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IW owners

I want to buy an IW JSK or OP but I'm not sure abut the waist sizes. The shirred ones are listed as only going up to 74cm and I was wondering how accurate that was.

Please and thank you.
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The Lolita Shoe Survival Guide

Alas! The World As We Know It has come to an end! Rose Chocolat no longer carries "plus sized" shoes with normal heels!

Where do I turn? What are my options for buying shoes? And, damn, I really just want a good pair of  white boots under US$200.

Such was the inspiration for the following post, in which I delve into the deep, dark, world of buying Lolita shoes. In an effort to appeal to the masses, and not just those who have been shut out because their feet are too big, this guide-tutorial-thing will include information for shoe styles, sizing for major brands, minor brands, larger sized brands, and everything in between in buying Lolita-appropriate footwear. Because, really, one shouldn't have to wear $4 ballet flats every time they wear BABY because they can't find a decent pair of Mary-Janes (as was the case for me a year ago).

And hopefully, I can keep it up to date. ^-^

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I would like this to be, and remain, a work in progress. To keep this fully updated as a resource tool please help by asking questions, commenting, correcting my mistakes, or adding additional brands/ retailers/ styles/ other information you think should be included in the comments (if possible, try and keep the same format that is used throughout for brands/ retailers). Because as time consuming as this was, I'm quite positive that I'm not nearly covering everything there is!
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Juicy Winter Accessories Set / New Column Inquiry

Juicy Couture came out with a really cute Hat/Gloves/Scarf/Another hat winter accessories set recently, and due to its loliable-ness, I thought you guys might want to check it out.
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Now, the matter at hand is I constantly see very loliable things in my internet travels and was actually thinking of starting a bi-weekly column type thing. I would post vaious links, products, haircuts, style tips, books and sites I have encountered that might be useful to members. I thought I would gauge interest before setting out to do it.

For instance, this entry is a prime example. There is also a ruffled blouse, and many, many jewelry pieces on the latter site that can definitely be used in a lolita wardrobe but I am not sure if everyone has seen it already or would just prefer to spend their money on brand.

I did the same link-breakdown with some Irregular Choice shoes and Shana Logic in the past, if anyone remembers, and they were generally well received. So I don't think it will be chaos of epic proportions. It's a more formal version of random posts about LOOK WHAT I FOUND GAIZ1!!1one!!
What do you guys think?

Guidelines to Posting and Commenting

*drags out dead horse*

This one is going in the memories/rules folks, so pay attention:

How To Post On egl

Ask yourself the following:

1) Is my post relevant to Lolita fashion and/or culture?
2) Does it seem as if my post/question/opinion piece has never been expressed or discussed before?
3) Have I checked the memories, used LJ Seek, or used Almighty Googlefu in regards to my post/question/opinion piece?

If the answer is "no" to any of these questions, STOP. DO NOT POST. DO NOT PASS GO AND COLLECT $200.

If the answer is yes to all of these, then ask yourself the following:

1) Have I used decent spelling/grammar/punctuation in my post? (There is a difference between being a non-native English speaker and being lazy. Many non-native speakers post more intelligible entries than native speakers.)

2) Is my post free of controversy, unreasonable subjects, and/or things that will upset people?
3) Have I used logic when creating the post?
4) Have I eliminated the majority of pigeon-Japanese, emoticons, and other "Internetese" elements from my post.

If the answer is "no" to any of these questions, just don't post. The difference between posting something for debate and posting something to be persnickety is very obvious. Posts for debate use well-reasoned logic and diplomacy. Posts to start flame wars and annoy people are usually based on sensationalism and/or troll tactics.Using proper language and grammar is a sign of respect for both the community and yourself. And using logic is very important because people are less likely to dismiss your opinions if they sound like they are based on solid information.

As for romanized "pigeon-Japanese" and emoticons. Excessive use of these really makes you look silly. There is a place for them but you should use them like sauce to lightly accent your sentences rather than slathering everything you say in '^_^' and 'lol' and 'desu ne' and 'watashi likes'. Using romanized Japanese when you don't really speak much makes no sense and excessive emoticons just become irritating. We don't have to be formal all the time in the community, but the literacy and writing levels should at least be at the third year of secondary school.

The same rules apply to commenting on posts. In fact, they apply even more so to comments. I've seen some comments recently which have just been flat-out stupid, deliberately nasty, or way off-topic. It's good to chat and make friends with one another, but you need to be somewhat socially savvy when posting. Think of egl as a giant party in which the main focus is Lolita culture and fashion. When you chat with other people at the party, make your comments relevant and interesting so that the conversation flows well.

As a final note, I'm really going to start coming down on people who make comments about body types on both sides of the spectrum.

1) Slender doesn't mean anorexic. Yes there are slender people who have eating disorders. But the reason why it is called a disorder is because it is not the norm. Most slender people are slender because of a combination of genetics and dietary/exercise habits. Give a slender person the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming that they are not eating or just "lucky".

2) Weight is a number. Size is a number. They do not define a person's health. There are slender people with high cholesterol. There are stocky/curvy people who are at the ideal of health. Bone structures vary from person to person and lots of people wear larger sizes simply because they have heavy skeletons or are taller than average. People carry their weight differently, and thinking that someone is fat because they can't fit into something is foolish and illogical.

3) Most people who are overweight are perfectly aware of this fact. Many of them are also aware of how they could potentially lose weight. It is their choice to take these steps or not. It is your choice to form a personal opinion about that choice. But keep it out of this community because none of us want to hear it.

Finally, use courtesy to one another. Even if a person is discourteous to you, it would demean you and lower you to respond in kind. Remaining courteous to someone even if you dislike them intensely is a sign of true character. We all lose our tempers at times, but if you can, hold on to diplomacy even in that moment. You'll feel a lot better if you can just keep control, and it usually results in good things since nothing frustrates a discourteous person more than being left to wallow in the muck by themselves.

Now go out and enjoy the winter, people!

Me: pink neko maid


Hello everyone! My name is Sarah, but on the internet I go by Pixyteri. I am new to this community, and recently had a (wonderful) photoshoot with val_chante. She suggested that I post the photos on here, so here I am!

Photo, makeup, hair, dress, and accessories thanks to val_chante! I am seriously thinking about getting more into the egl fashion, particularly the sweet variation. (The hairstyle came out beautifully! I never thought my hair would curl so well! <3 Lovely himegyaru..)

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Thanks for looking, guys! Be gentle..*nervous smile*
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