December 4th, 2007


What's up with Moitie?

I think I'm either missing something here, or missing something that's actually non-existent but people think it exists.

Recently, I've seen a couple posts in egl and another comm about Moitie. One said she disliked those who dressed in Moi meme Moitie because they thought they were better than others, and the other pretty much just said that sometimes people will dislike you if you buy Moitie.

I don't even get what the whole Moitie issue is. So um... what is it? Seriously. ...Because I kind of liked Moitie and have always really wanted to buy something from there. But if people be hatin' I don't want to.

P.S.: I don't really want to know where you stand on the issue, I just want to know what it's about. So, lack of drama in simply answering my question would be rockin'. Most of us are in our late teens, twenties and thirties(?). Let's act our age, and if not that, then civilly.


As many of you already know, MARUIONE.JP is now open for business.

Here is a PDF of the English language flier for the site that was handed out at Japan Expo over the weekend. Click to download.



Feel free to add our new LJ to your friend's list too!

Vivienne Westwood rocking-horse shoes

I don't know the next time I'll be in London so I have the dubious task of ordering the rocking-horse style shoes over the phone. Those of you that own the VW pairs - can you tell me how the sizes run? I am a women's UK 6 in most highstreet brands, US 8.5 to 9 women's, and a dubious JPN L or 25.

Also how comfortable are they? I have the Double Decker versions but I am curious if the VWs are heavier or more difficult to wear.
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Thanks and some cut pages!

Hey guys! One more spam about my book Japan Ai. (sorry ^_^....) I just wanted to let you guys know that there is a 16 page or so preview on Go!Comi now, and additionally there are about 60 pages of cut bonus material up! (just this morning!). The fashion section has some harajuku items... but actually not that many since almost all the GL related stuff got into the actual book! (so guess that's a good thing? :) )
Sorry about any spelling errors on the 60 cut pages, many of them are from my notebooks and since they got cut from the final, they never got spell-checked.
I hope you enjoy them all the same! :)

More importantly though, I wanted to thank EGL again for not only giving me so much inspiration for my own silly loli wardrobe, but helping out when I needed help finding places in Japan when I first visited. It's pretty great that when you're curious about matching a coordinate or where to find an article of clothing you want, that you can come here and 80% of the time someone can help you out. In particular to Japan Ai, huge thanks again to Sumire for her shopping guide that I used the first time I went to Japan. I list Sumire's guide and EGL list in Japan Ai (as well as plenty of addresses) so hopefully that will pass on the love to the next new-potential loli.

(Thanks for the help with the Kera Maniax BTSSB bodice! I'm almost done! YEAY!)

Thanks for bearing with me and thanks for the support! :)
I cant wait to see some of you at NYAF!
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Question to EGL

Hi there. I am new to the community here. I'm a Japanese girl who is very
interested in overseas reaction to EGL culture.

After reading the interesting replies to the thread about Tokyopop's
Gothic and Lolita Bible, I humbly have some questions for all of you.

How many of you support the merging of Japanese anime & manga culture
with EGL culture? Did you start out by cosplaying and then became
interested in Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion afterwards? How many of
you began liking EGL style without prior exposure or interest in otaku

Thank you very much!
gothic lolita

A Question/Debate

This may seem like an odd question, but I've been spending a lot of time on BJD forums lately and there's often a lot of hubbub over owners who have more than one of the same type of limited doll, because they're "taking away the change of owning" that doll from another fan. Now, that may seem totally unrelated, but when you think about it a lot of lolita clothes are very limited, especially print series. Even more sought after are shirred items that can fit larger lolitas. I'm just about at the edge of what most non-shirred or partially shirred clothing will fit- I'm not necessarily "plus size" but I'm busty and so I'm often just an inch or two over the sizes of non-shirred items. However, there are a lot of girls with much larger measurements than I have, and we may be competing for the same shirred items. There are also girls who fit into the regular sizes but choose to buy shirred dresses for whatever reason- they like the style, or they're too small for regular sizes and the shirring can "shrink down" to their size, etc etc.

So I wonder... if you're a larger lolita, do you ever resent people who are smaller than you buying shirred items and taking them off the market? I know that some of the fully shirred print items and such go for a lot of money (Closet Child's been pricing their larger items VERY high lately, and Meta who sell a lot to overseas lolitas and have larger items have gotten quite expensive as well) and are in high demand. So do you feel fully shirred items should be "left alone" by smaller lolitas and girls close to the maximum measurements should get more chances to buy them?

I have to admit, sometimes I've seen a photo of a cute skinny Japanese girl in a sold out shirred dress that I like and thought "Why do you need that, why not just buy the non shirred version?". It's jelousy, but is it warranted?

Just curious what you guys think. Hoping there can be a civil conversation- I'm not trying to start drama. I'm just curious to hear the opinions of the community.
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lolita styling

So many times you see a pretty girl in a beautiful coordinate, but her unkempt hair and makeupless face detract from the over all image. Youtube has a plethora of makeup and hair videos today and I thought I would link to one of my favorites Ask Me Makeup. There are hundreds of other tutorials, but hers have a really professional looking outcome (Ford Models also has quite a few but you have to weed through a lot of random videos). Some are better for sweet lolita, some for classic and some for gothic. If you don't know much about makeup she has basic videos for foundation, eye makeup and what to have in your makeup bag. Remember, the hair and makeup sections of the bible are good inspiration too, but for those that can't read Japanese or aren't that experienced with makeup or hair video tutorials are a great alternative. I never liked using magazines anyway for beauty advice because it is hard to tell what they are doing. I hope you guys find this helpful, and it would be great if other people could post their favorite tutorials or lolita makeup hints!

I totally forgot about Pursebuzz! Thanks nubcaekz

No PayPal

Hey girls , I'm new here and I have just  a few questions here I hope some of you can help me.

Well , here's the thing I don't have paypal cuz I do not have a visa and I really wanna shop for some of my fave items in the name brand stores. I see a lot of girls on the sales only do paypal and I was wondering if there was any sellers on here that take money orders or any other way I can't shop.

I have the money  that is most definitely not here problem I am just not sure what else to do and my mother will not use her visa >.<

Thanks a bunch everyone !

Luna ^-^
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Y!J question

Wow, it's like there's been an influx of noobie questions or something. :( Also, I DID check the archives and couldn't find an answer to this. Sorry if it's already been asked, though.

Anyway ladies, This is semi-hypothetical, semi-hoping-the-item-will-show-up-again-some-lifetime. It's on y!j, except like every good item on there, the seller lists as not shipping internationally. Is it um, common for sellers to take emails regarding a request to ship to the US? If I did that, I'd definitely get my friend to translate my message into Japanese, assuming that would make the whole difference @_@

Thanks gals♥

twin outfits for my blythe dolls♡


Today, I had an sudden urge to make clothes for my poor children who didn't have new outfits for almost an year.
It was a quick work, but I think they look cute +_+)/ Yay~~
I am actually making the same dress as the dress that the doll on the left is wearing for myself.

Aren't they lovely~~?? ^___^ ?