December 3rd, 2007

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How important are bloomers and other underthings (besides petticoats) to a lolita outfit? Are they essential, or more like accessories? If you're wearing bloomers, should they be hidden, or should they peak out? Thanks ^^;;

GLB 27 scans

I've put up a few Gothic & Lolita Bible 27 scans here. Just to let everyone know, these are the last bible scans I'll be doing and shortly after I've finished reposting all the old scans in my photobucket to himitsunoniwa they will ALL be deleted. Please save them if you want them!

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I just saw someone post about christmas wish lists...and I thought, what a better way to do it than KABOODLE?

I dont know if any of you have heard of kaboodle...but I'm totally addicted (I sound like a commercial, I know!)

but basically, its like the amazon wishlist...BUT FOR THE ENTIRE INTERNET. You can even search by tags through other peoples' items, so say you wanted a red sweater but weren't finding anything? BANG, look on kaboodle, a million red sweaters. awesome.

You pretty much sign up and install the buttons on your browser, and when you see something you like on a site, click the add button and it gets put on one of your wishlists. I have several <3

What's even cooler is you can add friends and comment on their wishlists....also, it's made christmas shopping SUPER easy for my friends and family...okay, i'm done talking like a commercial, but i adore the site!!

and here's mine to see how it works!

enjoy guys!

PS -

I guess they're having a giveaway...where someone wins $25,000 towards their wishlist EVERY DAY.
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New Theme? It's still on guro lolita from halloween/october... has anyone stepped up with a nice wintery Sophie yet?

Just thought I'd ask since i just noticed...

moar Christmas loli!

The Christmas light display in downtown Nagoya is pretty spectacular, so I decided to get loli-ed up and use it as a photo op!
So, in keeping with the trend of every third post on EGL today, here are some Christmas-themed pictures :P

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So these pics made you all want to visit Nagoya, right?
Well, that's great! Because I'm planning (the first ever!) meetup here for January 13 in honor of valkyrie_chan moving here!
This is really early notice, but just in case you want to mark your calendars. The next day is Seijin no Hi, which is a National holiday, in case that makes a difference for anyone that might want to attend.
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Soda Stains!

Alright, so I'm freaking out more than just a little. A friend who is temporarily homeless has been staying with me and tonight was the last night. She had suceeded at not breaking or ruining anything. But tonight, I agreed to let her stay in my room (since her husband is visiting on break from the Navy) with the queen-size. 30 minutes ago, she ran into the room I'm staying in and I guess she had taken my dresses out and was looking at them, and then spilled a can of Diet Dr. Pepper on them.

The hem was damaged on two JSKs: red x white stripe Meta and a pink x white pearl-belt Baby. They are about 14" wide (along bottom of hem) and 4-7" high (from the hem). I've washed the areas with cold sink water to remove any excess soda. From here, I'm lost.

I checked the archives, but I do not own a Clorox pen or Magic Erasers. And it's currently 3am, so there's nowhere around me that's open. So here's where I'm asking your help:

1.) What do YOU suggest as the ideal solution? Especially if this has happened to you. Cola or carbonated beverage stains...
2.) How long can I wait before the stain sets for good? I can take them to a dry cleaners tomorrow.
3.) Any coping mechanisms to keep me from killing her? (I just got these and hunted the Baby one for a while)
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Kera Maniax Baby Halloween bust?

Does anyone know where the bustier on this dress is supposed to "hit"? I'm doing the pattern from Kera Maniax 9 (the halloween one), but I'm long waisted, so I'm unsure about how the final bustier is supposed to look on. I'm having a hard time telling from the photos on Baby's site or the Kera photos...

the cutout area at the bust, does it hit right at the apex of the bust, or bellow the bust?
please ignore badness of mouse-drawing, but I think you get the idea. Which is it? (or neither?)
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Job Shadow + Cold Lolita = ?

Hi everyone in Lolita Land !
I'm having a hard fashion debate with myself and I need some help from the people I find the most adorable and fashionable in the world... !
So tommorw I'm entering into a new big part of my life, I'm participating in a job shadow which could later lead into a internship for the year or possibly entire summer !
Who is it with do you ask... well actually the creator of this fine 90s toon you might know..
First of all I don't want to completely loli-shock him and this could lead me into furthering my career in film/ any ideas for a lolita work appropriate yet still punk lolita out?


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**London Lolita meet-up, 24th November**

Last month, some of the UK Lolitas met up to visit the Science Museum in London, and also to see a performance of the musical, Avenue Q. Here are some photographs from what was a really lovely day, and the biggest meet-up that's ever happened in London, I think!

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Well, that's it! Thank you, everybody who attended, for a great day out! Special thanks to peony_pink and Dominic for taking and uploading photographs, and blondedebates for uploading even more photographs! I hope we can do it again in the New Year!
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