December 2nd, 2007

Shoe Bow Clips

I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies would be kind enough to give me the measurements for Clip-on Bows. I would really appreciate it since I'm attempting to make my own bows!
Thanks in advance.
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Sparkle Klaus.

St Andrews day Edinburgh meetup.

Yesterday some of us Scottish lolis had a somewhat spur-of-the-moment meetup since it was St Andrews day, and as a result, lots of big historic sites in Scotland were providing free entry.  Taking the opportunity to save £11 each, we went to Edinburgh castle.  We also attempted to all wear tartan to freak out all the tourists show our patriotism.

Photos are by </a></b></a>glass_bubblegum and </a></b></a>nuzu.

The castle itself wasn't hugely exciting, so we mostly spent our time there talking, taking photos and...erm...trying to straddle cannons.  More on that later.

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