December 1st, 2007

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Does Flasco ship internationally?-ANSWERED, thanks everyone

For some reason I thought Flasco ( would ship internationally like Closet Child.  Now I can't find confirmation of this anywhere, including their (translated) website...Does anyone know?  Has anyone ordered from them before?  Also, IS Flasco used stuff like CC, or is it just a place that sells a lot of brand? (I'm now doubting everything I thought I knew about them, lol) :D
Don't worry, I used ljseek, and checked memories, avant gauche, etc.  Thanks very much ladies & gents!
EDIT: Question answered, thanks very much everyone! :D
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Any lolitas planning on Ohayocon in January?

This will be my first year attending, and I'm very excited. :D I won't have much of a wardrobe to show off, however I'd still like to attend a lolita event/panel before making my first big online purchase..
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