November 30th, 2007

ギャル ~ Blue

h.naoto international postponed ;o;

I hadn't seen a post about this, so I assumed it would be okay to share it. Hopefully it will still be soon, ne? ;o;

'SES English Online Shop News

We all assume guests from around the world are very exicted about our new system - shopping online.

We have been announcing the the date to be opened on December 1st, 2007.

But we are sorry to say the opening date will be postponed.

We apologize for our inconvenience. We will be announcing the exact date once more when we have the online ready for all of you.

Thank you.'

(taken from the SES English version page)
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Help with Hems


The other night I was digging through my closet for clothes that had Lolita possibilities and I happened upon quite a few...the most intriguing was a handkerchief hem skirt that I acquired some time ago. It reminded me of those asymmetrical-hemmed skirts I saw in some of the Punk Lolita examples.

Sure, the skirt is far too long at the moment and I’ll have to take the hem up...but the tartan that it’s printed with is so pretty and I plan on doing some sort of applique to make it even cuter~ *

But more importantly, it has that bell shape to it. However, I’m not sure how to handle petticoats and asymmetric hems. I know with punk styles it’s alright to have some petticoat showing, so I guess it would be best if I adjusted the hem so the jagged tips met the hems of my petti. I think they look a bit funny flopping over the end of the petti when everything else looks perfect.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to tackle this problem. I think I might have thought of a good solution, but I tend to be a bit short sighted and might have missed an easier one. ^^;;

Thanks! i


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Kokusyoku Sumire Music

Kokusyoku Sumire was talked of quite a bit recently as they had a show in Paris.  Just wondered whether anyone wants their music?  I have a couple of albums on my computer, so if people want them, I can upload to megaupload or something.

Of course, please support the artists and buy their stuff if you like the music. :3

(mods: if this is not allowed, feel free to delete the post ^^)  

EDIT: Here are the links!

Kokusyoku Sumire - Tenkirin Kumikyoku (2007).rar

Kokusyoku Sumire - Zenmai Shoujo Hakoningyou (2004).rar

Kokusyoku Sumire - anderu meruhen koushinkyoku (2006).rar

Any problems, let me know!