November 29th, 2007

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Winter Photo post!

Winter is here! And so are the sparkley holiday decorations in Japan! Glad they've really seemed to jump on the boat for this one!

maetel and I went out and got some fantastic photos taken by my lovely boyfriend.. we call this... city lolita..? :) It will be my last photoset in Japan.. so sad! All photos taken in Osaka!

Read on and enjoy!

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Happy Holidays everyone! I hope to see your holiday photosets ASAP!! :)

Also a side note, I'll be moving to Los Angeles permanently next month.... But alas! No friends..! :( Would anyone like to be my buddy? (feels weird typing this... but I need lolita friends!) XD

Few Questions!

My mother who is a seamstress and fashion designer is wants to work on some Lolita models, be it dresses, skirts and blouses to sell at a convention taking place in about 4 weeks. I’d like to know what kind of things you like to give my mother the ideas so she can work them, Please post pictures! :3
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LA Weekly

Reminder for Southern CA Nutcracker Dec 9th

hey there everybody. This is just a reminder about the Southern CA Nutcracker on Dec 9'th, money is due today so I can buy tickets as soon as money clears in my paypal account.
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I had make a comment about a possible gift exchange, and it's totally my bad that I've been too busy to make a post about... so here we go! below cut has lots of good information. I hope that everybody who is attending can make it to the dinner (resturant still to be announced) and join in the gift exchange:
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penguin <3


Is anyone else having a hard time getting a hold of Ling Lam?? I've sent her a few emails and it's been a few days already and nothing! I was hoping to have the shoes I ordered by the 8th but if she hasn't sent them yet then I doubt I will.

Maybe it's busy cos of the holidays??
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Pre-ordering from Meta for the first time

Please answer my questions, egl!

1. When using Meta's pre-order form to order more than one item, do you just copy & paste the form into the email the required number of times, or send separate emails?

2. Has anyone tried using the English form to get items sent to an address in Japan? (Japanese isn't a problem, but a) I want to pay by Paypal and b) I want to avoid being scalped by UK customs. Don't know if that's possible.)

3. How long does Meta typically take to send out pre-order items? I.e. if they say 'Late December-January', is that usually pretty accurate?

Thanks, guys! Apple series apple series apple serieeees!! MINE
Kamijo dork

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I have been trying to log into my account on shoppingmalljapan to check on the status of the AP bow I won a few days ago, and my laptop would not load the page. I'm wondering anybody has problem going to the SMJ site too?
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Skirt Shape

I have a question for all you lovely ladies, is the skirt shown in the picutres beneath the cut the right shape? (And yes I know that it is plain and unfinished, it's just a mock-up before I cut my good fabric)
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Any constructive criticism on the shape is welcome.
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Not a wtb post!

Sup Egl.

This isn't really a WTB post as it is an inquiry. Are there any offbrand sites where one could find loli-style, or at least frilly blouses? I want something to wear with my skirts and maybe under a JSK, but I kind of wanted a cheap alternative that isn't F+F, lols.

Specifically, I was looking for a short/poofy-sleeved button-up blouse with a frilly collar, all in black. I have no idea if that's too impossible to find, although I've looked a bit and can't find anything I really like.

I'm sure this has already been asked before. Sorry in advance, ladies 8D;
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If you go out in the woods today~

So today I used chiichick 's Bear backpack tutorial to make myself a kitty bag...and I thought I'd share my results!

Her instructions are easy to follow and it took me about 2 hours to finish this all up (not including shopping for material...oh my gosh I take a long time haha). Anyone who is bored and needs something to do, this is great! I loved the results and I personally think they are the cutest bags on earth.

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