November 28th, 2007


Creating the perfect BtssB dress- do I dare?

So this may be a bit of a far out question-
I'm a bit in love with Nana Kitade's version of the Paris Window Series OP by BtssB that she wore to Japan Expo. (Reference pics can be found here at the bottom of post .
A bit in love to the point that I'd really love to have it.
Is there any possible way to go about recreating it? Even taking the purple version of the dress on the site and redoing it to be similar to hers? Maybe even taking the skirt by itself, cutting open a panel, and using the extra material for the bodice part (that may not work as there may not be enough material). Granted, it's ruining brand. So please don't yell at me.  I'm willing to modify something brand, please respect that.
But hell, I love her dress so much. The purple/black contrast is very nice.
Maybe even emailing Baby to ask if they'd make the dress that way? Though I doubt it would fly.

Anyway, just a thought.
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Public albums.

Does anyone have a wishlist (with pictures) that is public on the internet that they would be willing to share ? I'm just generally looking for brand stock pictures and I've exhausted most of the usual avenues. Also, if anyone has any brand stock photos from clothes that were sold over three years ago handy on their computer that they could post here that would be great, I'm mostly interested in Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, Mary Magdalene and Victorian Maiden, but any brand is fine. I've tried the wayback machine, but I mostly just end up with broken images that way.

Thanks for your help.
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Metamorphose Blog Feed

Hey this may be slightly off topic, but is anyone else getting multiple reposts of Meta's blog entries through their metam_blog feed? I've been getting my friendspage filled with multiple repostings of the same things from them, wondering if it's just me or if everyone is getting this too?

Gosu Rori 4 - coat OP

Hi, I'm wondering if any of you loli's have pattern scan of Gosu Rori 4's coat onepiece~
(, number 21) - the B/W instructions and pattern drafting (like you know how with gosurori, they also provide you with diagrams for drafting the pattern pieces if you don't want to trace, sometimes on a different page?)
they don't stock no. 4 here anymore ;_; and paying an extra $10 for back ordering is kinda steep.
all scan appreciated~~ ty. ^________________^

rochester, ny meetup update

 previous discussion is here.

here's what's been decided so far:

the date is saturday, december 15th.

tea party at la-tea-da tearoom on alexander street. check out the website - i'm pretty sure we'll want to be in alice's party room

there has been discussion about bowling afterwards - i'm not sure where the closest bowling alley is, so we'll have to find that out. 

please discuss and state if you're interested if you haven't already done so in the previous post. there are currently four people going, but i know there was more interest in the first post on this topic.

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NYAF - December 7-9, 2007

Who is planning to attend New York Anime Festival next week (December 7 through 9, 2007)?

I remember reading about the panel amanikitty is hosting on Sunday along with the movie meet-up on Saturday. Unfortunately, both of those events are out of the question due to work scheduling conflicts. Are there any other lolita related events happening at NYAF?

I will be working in the exhibitor hall for most of the convention but I hope to drop in on some lolita-related events during my off-hours. It's been far too long... Otakon 2006? Hopefully, I will see some familiar faces!
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my hair


my lovley ladies of loli
im a first time buyer so i'd like to know what my measurements would be in metric
they are
hips:31 inches
waist:23 inches

anyone one who can help would be much appreciated!
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Is it just me, or is Anna House's website down? Every time I try and go there, it says the bandwidth has been exceeded.

I was hoping to get a skirt there for Christmas... I hope it goes back up. @__@ (Or is it just my computer?)
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PHOTO » knee high stocking innocence

EGL image community?

I feel like I'm making too many posts in a very short time span, but, I'm wondering if there is a general interest in a community dedicated to being an image resource for the members of EGL?
I was thinking of maybe starting one, if there is interest, and people with images to contribute.

also, do any of you own this BABY knit?
I'm curious about whether the bust stretches, and if it looks good with a shirt under it?


World Lolita Exchange: Christmas UPDATE PLEASE READ!

Okay, the official community ( mod approved!) for the World Lolita Exchange Project is worldglexchange
Now for updates, I have a proposition. I know that the due date for all who are participating in the WLEP is December 30, and in order for your partners to recieve thier packages in a timely manner they should be sent out by the end of the following week. As a participant suggested, as was done in another exchange to keep the flake outs out, each partner had to send a picture of their gift before they recieved the address of thier partner. Now, what I am suggesting is to send out the lolita style of your chosen partner, then send you the address once I get a picture of what you are sending.

So..please answer the following

1. Can we all possibly get our gifts done and sent out in a weeks time?
2. Are you alright with recieving your partners lolita style first, making/buying your gift, then sending me a picture of the goods in which afterwards you will recieve the address?

suggestions welcome


Last month I made a matching bow for one of my jumpers. I decided to let my dog be the first to model it. I finally uploaded the pictures, so I thought I would post them here!

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 Pretty please help me out.!

Dose anyone have a picture of the metamorphose plaid skirt with shoulder straps from last year? I know that they sold them last summer and that they had heart buttons that ran down the middle and had ruffles on the shoulder. I also remember that it came in yellow.

pretty please help!
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outfit advice

Autumn is definitely turning (or has turned) into winter and it's pretty cool here, so when meeting a fellow loli soon I'll definitely have to wear a cardigan over my blouse if I already don't have a coat (don't worry, I'll layer under the outfit^^). But my outfit should be the best I can offer with a cardigan, so I'm asking for your advice
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