November 27th, 2007

Densha Otoko
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Lolita guy needs help! ._.Uu

Hi hi everyone! ^^

Well I’m new here and also came recently into Lolita. I don’t have much as of yet but I’ve been recently practicing with the sewing machine and have basically worked with modifications to things I already have... and I’m currently doing a long frilled skirt from scratch n_n, I’m just about the only (straight)guy in town who’s not afraid to wear a dress or skirt for this xD

The thing is that I have a Lolita Gathering wich I started in my city along with 2 other friends as a place to meet with Lolitas from the same city, and its actually the 1 year anniversary so we want it to be something special and I want to wear something special as well *--*

Anyhow! I don’t have many pics of me wearing what I’ve made or modified, sorry for the pic bombardment >.>Uu

(Here’s a couple… ignore the hideous hair T^T, the trip to the gathering that day made it look really crappy >.>Uu) I tend to favor Gothic Lolita and Classic Lolita, although I tried for some punk in these pics but didn’t have much time to work on what I wore ._.
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In case you haven't read the Rose Chocolat letter in response concerning plus, "special sized," shoes:

Dear Lolita Girl's

Today Issue is Special Size Shoes.
Last Month October 17 exhibit Picture about it.
We are contact to every Special Size buyer.
(by mail 3 time and 1:1 board)

Some Buyer not answer this mail
Some Buyer not understanding this mail or board.

We are Finished modeling Special shoes mold.
So Special Size divided Updated. (260-280size A and B model)
This time Special Size made same standard size shoes.

Clearly, Special Size design is deference.
(Heel is only Cork. Same material Ballerina)

I apologize for having made our position unclear

We are waiting Return goods.
We are Lolita. So I don't want hurt to my friend.
You have not satisfaction? You can return goods.
We are refund to you payment.

Because You not satisfaction.
We are Sorry.

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Petticoat help

Hi all! So, I've started plotting to sew my first Loli dress and I know pretty much exactly what I'm wanting to do, but I had some questions first.

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The dress will have somethig like 6 panels, 3 for the front and 3 for the back. The front will be very plain, but in the back, the middle back panel will be cut out at the skirt to show the ruffled petticoat underneath. My plan is to make a separate skirt (like an underskirt) with all of the ruffles on it and then just arrange the dress over that. But, I don't know how much poof I'm going to get out of it since I've never made a petticoat before. In pictures like the ones in the cut, do you think the petticoat alone is enough to get that much poof or do I need something more under that as well? Thanks in advance for any help!

Lolita Lola

I was thinkng of ordering shoes through Lolita Lola, and I had a few questions. Is the tread good on the bottom of the shoes? I'm just wondering if I'm going to sound like a block of wood coming down the street. Also, I hear this magic number of $80, is that including the shipping? And lastly, do they carry size 22? If any of these questions have been posted before, I'm sorry. I tried looking through that search, and didn't see these answers.

Rockinghorse shoes

I know you guys probably get these posts about once a month, so I appologize, but I looked in memories and couldn't really find anything that discussed this, so here I am asking.

I was wondering what people's experiences with the rockinghorse shoes were based on if they have a wooden or foam sole. A friend and I want to get some after Christmas, and there are the foam ones on ebay or the double deckers, and I'm just wondering which kind you guys think are better? The ones from ebay would be more convenient, but if the wood soles are better, I'd rather get those.

So basically, if you have the shoes with a wood or foam sole (or both) could you please tell me about the pros and cons? Thank you so much! You guys are always so helpful when I ask newb lolita questions!

Anna House Custom Design Order

I am planning a pretty hefty order soon. Still debating about the holiday season, I don't know if they are like F+F during the rush aka where the quality slips.

I emailed her a while back about what if I wanted a custom designed OP made. She said it was possible. Has anyone custom make another design that wasnt listed on their site? If so, how well did they make it? And, was it a replica of another brand?
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Opinions needed + Anna House

I want to wear my lovely dresses during the winter and I was thinking of wearing a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve blouse underneath it.

ALSO, I don't know if any of you girls have been to the Anna House site recently, but there is a new dress and a new blouse up ^^

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(no subject)

I was wondering if anyone had the stock photos of the Mille Fleurs series by Angelic Pretty. Specifically I'm looking for pictures of the mint OP, half-bonnet and alice bow. I've tried both ljseek through this comm and angelicpoodle and tried the wayback machine with no luck. For reference it's this series.

Thank you in advance.

Response time?

BABY has been pretty slow before (and maybe is still). Anyone know how fast BABY is responding to emails currently? How long did it take you to get an order confirmation? invoice? shipping notification? What method did you use, shopping cart or email?

World Lolita Exchange: Christmas Theme Poll

This goes for PARTICIPANTS ONLY please ^_^ Poll will be open till December 30 ( Friday)

Poll #1096216 World Lolita Exchange Christmas Edition: Theme

WLE Christmas Edition: What theme?

Silver(the color etc)
Open ( no chosen theme this round)
White( the color)
PHOTO » knee high stocking innocence

two questions

like any lolita beginning to build a wardrobe, I am in need of a petticoat.

I tried searching the community & memories, but I couldn't find a review of BABY's petticoats, one of which I'm considering getting.

this is the one I'm talking about.

I'm wondering, for those of you who own it, is it a good petticoat?
does it give the skirt a nice shape, is the quality good, etc?
or should I get one from another brand?

also, I've noticed a lot of posts regarding trouble ordering from Rosechocolat.
does this only concern custom sized shoes, or regular orders as well?

thank you for any help!
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Mitsukazu Miharu + MACOTO (very image heavy)

In light of the recent negative mood of recent posts, with all of the issues with ordering, moderation, and what not, I thought that it might be a good idea to post more positive things to remind us why we got into Lolita in the first place, why we like the aesthetics, etcetera to prevent from loosing ourselves in all of this hysteria (okay, that might be an exaggeration of present circumstances, but nonetheless).

So I'm posting up some artwork and profiles of two popular Gothic & Lolita Bible artists that are from each end of the spectrum as inspiration, eye candy, and the like. Please though, remember to credit images that I have in this post and images belonging to the owners of each respective link, because I scanned and/or resized/cleaned up most of these independently, and it would nice to be given props for my hard work (the same applies to the owners of the respective links). Also~ DON'T DIRECT LINK. Please. I've just got a wee little photobucket account and uploaded them all by myself. If you want to use and credit them, upload them onto your own accounts.

I hope you enjoy!


Mitsukazu Mihara (三原ミツカズ, Mihara Mitsukazu, b.1970), is an Osaka-based manga-ka, artist, and illustrator. Along with Mana and other visual-kei artists, Mihara is credited by many as being one of the most influential forces in the development of the Gothic Lolita fashion sensibility. Along with being the featured artist on debut issues of the Gothic & Lolita bible, she has authored over twenty tankoubon (manga volumes) to date, reciving the first ever "Feel Young New Face Manga Awards" in 1994. Her major manga works include the six-volume DOLL (JP: Shodensha, US/CA/DE: Tokyopop), encompassing several short stories about human-looking androids, many clad in subversive Lolita and Victoriana-inspired looks. On Lolita, Mihara says, "’s about the spirit. It’s a desire to be eternally beautiful like a porcelain doll or a vampire. The fashion and the lifestyle all stem from this central idea."

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Macoto Takahashi (高橋 真琴, Takahashi Makoto b.1934), known commonly as MACOTO, is another manga-ka, illustrator, and artist from Osaka. He was well-known as a manga-ka for the anthology Margaret in the 1960's, and became increasingly popular during the first big wave of sparkly-eyed, shoujo romances (think The Rose of Versailles and Year 24). He became prominent again during the 1990's-early 2000's, much due to the emergence of Lolita-as-we-know-it during the same period. MACOTO's work has been featured in several Gothic & Lolita Bibles, and Lolita everywhere treasure his repetitive, albeit lovely, glittery-eyed maidens in their flora-adorned, Fairytale worlds. In recent years he has kept a significantly lower profile, although he has his own official gallery located in Chiba. MACOTO also has an annual show in Ginza (the 2008 show will take place from May 27 to June 7).

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Sock fit question

How far will BABY's socks stretch in the calf before they get uncomfortable? The ones I'm looking to buy are these. My calves are 15 in wide and it seems to be hard to find knee high socks that fit right.
(sorry for the uninteresting question XD)


I am making a pirate lolita coat and skirt, but I was wondering what boots I should buy for the outfit.  All of my boots are black, but the coat fabric is beige with green vines and a dusty-rose colored rose pattern.  I wear a size US 11 shoes, so it makes it even more difficult to find a decent pair.  I prefer not to wear anything with a thin or incredibly high heel as well.  I would really love some help on making the outfit work.
Deal with it.

Katsucon 2008

I was just curious as to who is attending Katsucon 2008 in D.C. The MD lolitas are holding a lolita panel there, and I was considering hosting some sort of tea party event in the hotel's restraunt. I was hoping I could get a good idea as to how many people would be coming to see if it would be worth planning or not.


Another Anna House Blouse Question

I was just wondering if there is a large difference in color between

this blouse:

and this one:

on the site it lists the color on the first one as cream white and the second one as white.  I really want a blouse with a peterpan collar but I want it in white. You can just barely see the lace of the skirt they paired it with under it and it looks like somewhat of a difference :-/

would the first blouse go with skirts that have white lace?

Thanks for helping =)

Crescent shop - time?

Urgh, I hate to be a downer, (since it's been mentioned we've had so many recently), but I am posting a 'downer' nonetheless – it can’t be helped. >>;

I ordered something from Innocent World through Crescent shop and paid for it on Monday. I'm going to NYAF on the 7th and I thought it would be nice to wear loli there, including what I bought. I was simply wondering, for anyone who has used Crescent shop as a service, how long does the item usually take to get to YOU?

I did an ljseek but there was hardly anything on Crescent shop to begin with. I also looked at the reviews on loligoth_dbs but all they said was that it was "quick" and "fast" but this is the first time I've ever ordered brand or used a shopping service, so I don't even have other shipping times to compare to. "quick" could be four day or four weeks for all I know. ;_;

I'd just like to know, so that I can plan accordingly if it isn't expected to come in so soon. Thank you so much!
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I'm relatively new to this wonderful fashion and while I don't personally wear alot of it (when I do it's more in the vein of dandy), I've found that I have fallen in love with designing the more feminine side of things. I am hoping to make my first loli skirt soon but I have a question for you lovely ladies, is flannel (100% cotton) an acceptable lolita material?
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Perhaps it's a silly question, but...

Hello.  You may call me Babette. New to this community and fairly new to the Lolita style. (Forgive any ignorance I may display in advance. I hope to learn a lot.)

I've already read the FAQ, the rules, the handbook and memories and I haven't seen my question posted anywhere else, but if it is forgive me for not seeing it?

Anyway, enough digressing.

I'm planning on beginning to build my Lolita wardrobe soon, but before I do that there are a few things I'd like to know. 

★ To my understanding it's considered...taboo isn't the right word for it, but it ruins the look if you mix styles. IE: Clunky boots that suit the punk style on a amaloli... (Would you consider shoes like those in appropriate for amaloli?)

★Also and more importantly, I've heard that it's encouraged to stick strictly to one style. Obviously, this is for the reason that it would be a lot easier to coordinate your wardrobe and outfits. So I guess what I'm asking is must I commit myself to one style? Even if it's not required, I think I'd like to. I feel the most strongly drawn to Sweet Lolita, but I also like Kurololi (I think that might get boring after a bit, though.) And some of the more formal punk looks.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you all and thanks for all your help!