November 25th, 2007

Tarina Tarantino appearance @ Disney Vault 28

I was at the Disneyland resort the other day and found out that Tarina Tarantino is coming out with an exclusive new Alice jewelry line in part with Disney. She'll be making an appearance at the Disney Vault 28 store in Downtown Disney on December 8th to introduce her new items. For more information about this event, including photos of her new Alice jewelry that will be for sale, go here:

I'm a big fan of her Pinkhead collection and own quite a few pieces, but now I just have to have one of those new Alice necklaces!!!!


Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if those who own BTSSB shoes thought they were worth it or not. I understand that they are made of fake leather, but are they still good quality or would doing anything other than sitting around cause them to fall apart? If they last a good while I can see paying the price, but if not I don't think I'll end up purchasing any.

Thank you for your help!

Marie Antoinette at the Petit Trianon Exhibit

So, I am not sure if this as been posted, but in San Fransisco at the DeYoung 'Legion of Honor', they are showing a collection of things from the Petit Trianon at Versailles. This is the only stop and it runs until Febuaray 17 of next year. I went there yesterday and it is completely mind blowing. Though you may all like to know, if you didn't allready.
More info:

Please do delete if it has been mentioned- I just couldnt help but share. Its absolutely amazing. And there is a giftshop to mke any loli's eyes roll into the back of her head.
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korean shopping service // help

There's a cute Korean brand that I would like to order some loliable accessories from...
but of course they don't ship overseas... >_<;

I was wondering, does anyone here know of a good Korean shopping service?
I've checked through all the memories but I can't seen to find anything that would help me out.

☆Thanks so much.
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American Lolita Photobook

Hi all,

My name is Anna, and I haven't posted in a long time. I'm curently working lolita photo book. I’m looking for North East area lolitas who are interested in participating. The style will be fashion glamour and all of the shooting will be done in studio sets. If you would like to be one of our models, or have any questions please feel free to contact me at

Additional info on the book:

If you are under the age of 18 you will need a parent or guardian to sign your model release to be considered for publication.

We will be shooting a variety of Lolita styles, including but not limited to Gothic, Classic, Sweet and Wa/Qi loli. You may apply to be featured in more then one section, but cannot be featured twice in the same section.

In December we will start shooting our first sections Gothic and Sweet Lolita, so if you are interested please let me know ASAP.

At this time, we are seeking lolis to photograph in their own clothes, however latter in the process we may be selecting a limited number of models to display the work of American Lolita designers on. Space in the model only section is very limited, and screening is more rigorous but if you are interested, please feels free to apply.

If you are an American Lolita designer who wishes to have your work featured in the book, please let me know ASAP either via email at or via PM. All designers will get on page credits and a website or store listing in the book.

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Potential lolita fabrics?

This is my first posting here so I'm sorry if i dont get the cut and stuff right.

So, I've had these two pieces of fabric for well over a year (don't even remember where I got them from), and a couple of days ago I thought they might turn out to be pretty ok fabrics for some country style lolita skirts.
I haven't been into to lolita style for very long, so I don't have the eye for these things yet. Therefor I wanted to ask you lovely ladies what you think?

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Loli Shoes

Question about F+F Quality during the Holidays

So I believe I heard someone said F+F's quality drops during the holidays. Theres a few things I'm dying to order from them to complete my Steampunk Loli outfit. I have the money now but if there quality is poor doing the holidays I want to wait. But I am also worried that the one blouse I want may not be around long. So does anyone have any ideas or experiences with this?

Okay EGL, I'm stuck.

Although I'm loathe to have my first post on EGL be about this, I'm horribly, horribly stuck. So, I'm writing a research paper on Lolita Fashion, but I want to start it off with a few lines from a song or poem that captures Lolita in it, or an aspect of it.

Unfortunately, the best I've come up with is from the song Leslie Anne Levine, by The Decemberists, and doesn't really work the way I want it to.

I plead for your help, and ask that you post a couples lines of a poem or lyrics to a song, that you feel has a Lolita flair to it. I'd much prefer that any songs or poems that you post are from a somewhat notable artist/poet, and not written by you or one of your friends.

Edit: I think I've got something that'll work just fine. Thanks for all your help!
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Question about ITS skirt and blouse combo

I am absolutely in love with ITS Rose Garden Skirt, but with the Green fabric. I would like to have a blouse come from here as well, since I have to have blouses made in my size. My question is what kind a blouse should I go for? I really like the Romance Blouse ITS has, but would it really match?? If not, I probably should try to find an ITS skirt that matches with the blouse :3 Thanks for the help :D :D

EDIT sorry, having problems with pics lolz

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Meta meta meta

I was visiting my friend Kina and she lives next to this really pretty church so we stopped for a mini photoshoot on our way to Camden Town.

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X-Posted like crazy.

Dress: Meta
Hat: Top Shop
Sweater: MNG
Purse: S.K.C London
Socks: Offbrand
Spider pin: Claire's
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(no subject)

Hello, Lolitas. My problem is pretty simple, and can be reduced to a matter of taste: I'm going to be the co-head of a maid cafe at an upcoming convention, and am wanting to commission an outfit for it (versus buying from cosmates) and wanted to know your thoughts on the appropriateness of trying to commission one that would look fine as Classic Loli as well.

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Thank you for any input.

Edit: Thank you everyone for the input! I've decided to commission the OP after all. It probably won't be black though - I'd prefer to wear bordeaux.
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I'm not sure if someone has spoken about this on the community (not that I have seen,) but there's this adorable lolita accessory that I found in October's issue of KERA magazine. Most of the items seemed to be in the shape of confections like donuts, tarts, cakes, and other sweet items. And they're not so outrageously priced compared to other lolita sites. :D

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Closet Child links them, so they may ship overseas? They take Visa anyways, so I could try asking them if they do. If people are interested, that is?