November 24th, 2007

World Loli Exchange: Christmas edition?

Okay, so I have had some people sending me emails since the last world loli exchange which was last february that I hosted asking if its ever going to go down again. Since christmas is upon us I thought I would see who would be interested and how we could better handle things then the last round. I know alot of people enjoyed it, but at the same time many people decided to flake out and did not send something to thier matched partner. So, I am willing to head operations up as before but am looking for input on one, interest, and two how to lessen the flake factor.

If interest is here I will make a community so we do not spam EGL.

Have at thee.

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Hello, everyone~
I've always thought that lolita outfits are too cold for winter, but actually it is warmer becuase we have so many clothing under the actual dress. XD
I made a dress myself this spring and I finally got a chance to wear it today+_+

Come to the link to see bigger pictures of Robin☆

Minnesota Winter Tea

Hello all! As you may know I have been in collaboration with Miss Samantha Rei to get a Minnesota meet planned and we have got a date and a place. We will be having a small gift swap, I am bringing shoe clips for all.

Date: January 5th 2008
Time: 1pm
Place: Mad Hatter Tea Room, Anoka Minnesota
Cost: About $6 for tea and a scone

RSVP to by December 22nd with the following information
First Name:
What type of gift you will be brining:
Whether you would like pink, white, or black shoe clips

Any questions can be sent to
by kisa_chan
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Lolita holiday shopping!

Christmas* is always coming up sooner than I'm expecting. And Christmas means shopping for presents! While I love shopping, buying presents for lots of people can sometimes be hard. This year, I will be prepared, and I have applied my Google-fu to bring you...Lolita holiday gift ideas! However, I still have problems picking out gifts so if you have any great ideas, or things you want yourself, please leave them in the comments!

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Twins Hats & Haruhi


So my mother said she'd get my first lolita clothing (yay) for me this christmas, buuut the stuff is expensive and I'm not sure where to buy from. I was thinking bodyline.... are there stuff goodquality, or is it a bad idea? Thanks for the help <3

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Xelyna the Gothic Lolita
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Winter Gothic Lolita Bible '07

Today (?) the new Gothic Lolita Bible came out, and it looks like this:

OMG I love this cover and I want to have it's babies*_* Hooray for Mitsukazu Mihara's comeback!

In this issue there is a lot of focus on "Princess Lolita" style and a little booklet on hairstyles. They also have a "Deco Loli" section with the designers of Angelic Pretty. The back section of the book is in black and white this time- cutting costs? The stickers are by Angelic Pretty this time and are soooo cute!

So yeah, go out and buy it if you can^^;;