November 23rd, 2007

my Baby parasol has gun powder residue DDD:

I went to some civil war reenactment and made the mistake of bringing my white parasol along to "fit in" with the cute ladies in frills (weird I know). There were canons and guns being shot, and when I got home I noticed some lovely brown lines going down the sides.

I do not know how to get it off. I would rather not tear it apart because I'll most likely ruin it, but if it comes down to that I may have to try. :[ Advice would be greatly appreciated.

edit-- I DID try search, just to let ya know...

Power Rangers + ...Lolita? Of course!

So, I was a little hesitant to post this for a while, since I could sort of see all the forthcoming "OMG, ITA!!!! EWWW" comments. But now I don't really care, and I'm going to laugh at anyone who says that. I've decided to post this for everyone who can look at this in an amused, silly way, because that's what it is.

Anyway, my friend watches Power Rangers - the Japanese w/ English subbed kind, and he was explaining last season to me. He knows I'm sort of into lolita, and showed me one of the minor villains, who can be seen here,

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Rose Chocolat's Answer.

Dear EGL members, I've sent our requests to RC, and she just replied me right now.
I was also extra carefull and polite just as some of members have asked me to be.  

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She also told me that it is very dangerous to wear separated heels when the feet is larger than 260mm.
She said she actually had sent e-mails to her customers about it at the end of  this September and also about the changes in big sized shoes to wedge heel. I don't know why we weren't aware of it. 

She said she makes all her shoes just like they are her own, and that she will try very hard to improve her service.

I am happy that she is trying to work this with us.
I personally love RC too much, so I don't want to see it go away for good ; _;
They make such fabulous hand-made shoes.

I think that anyone who wants to return their shoes can just e-mail her about it now and tell her that you want refund.
If you would rather send your e-mail in Korean, just reply me here, I will reply you back in Korean so you can copy and paste in your e-mail to her.

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Good service from Rosechocolat

Good news for bigfeeted loli: Rosechocolat offers all their shoes at the regular price in special sizes as well. However only with the foam soles like the ones you see below. The text here is more or less a crosspost from my personal Journal, but some of you might be interested to know about this.

On my personal journal there is a recent post about the trouble I have ordering shoes at Well they got me my money back. But still send me the shoes I ordered. The long delay in the making was caused by the fact that they had problems with the heel construction in the larger sizes. So they made them with a foam platform sole instead of a separate heel.

Today I picked them up at the post office.They also where so nice to put a pair of knee-socks with lace tops in the box as an extra apology.

If you are interested check RC's site here:

Edit: In respect to other cases where RC failed miserably in providing service:
- I have e-mailed several times asking how things where going
- I got informed about different heels in advance
- I got a full refund and still received the shoes (size is correct)
- I ordered 6 months ago
They take about a week on average to respond to any e-mail I send to them through the 1:1 option on the site. And they respond in poor English. In the end I got satisfactory service from RC. Hope all your issues will be sorted out as well.
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Another Rose Chocolate Post (Seoul Shop)

 A friend just got back from Korea and wanted to pass on some info about Rose Chocolat's actual shop.

Using the contact information at the bottom of Rose Chocolat's main page, she called the store and found out they are only open on Saturdays.  However, she was leaving on Friday.  The store owner ended up calling her back and scheduled a private store opening for Wednesday.  :D

The owner was very nice and enthusiastic about Lolita.  Rose Chocolat is owned and run by the woman and her husband (who my friend guesses to be around her mid to late 20s.)  So while it does not excuse order confusion and inconsistent deliveries, it probably partially explains it.  The shoe designs are all the woman's own.

At the shop there was some miscellaneous Lolita clothing in addition to the usual inventory, like an Innocent World skirt for $60.  (The owner buys and sells clothes through auction sites, separate from Rose Chocolat.)  The actual store does not always carry full inventory though, so it might be good to call ahead. 

There was one pair of the Classic Heart boots ($128) in her size left, so she got those and two bow shoe clips ($15 each).  But the owner gave a small discount, so her total came to only $110 + free hair bows (not listed on the site.)  Overall, she seemed to enjoy the experience.
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Outfit Help Please?

I'm working on a steamPUNK-ish (just steampunk with a heavy emphasis on the punk) kodona outfit for Katsucon, but I'm having a bit of trouble.
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I'd also like to know if there are any lolita events happening at Katsucon this year. I really have been wanting to attend an event, but never had an outfit that I liked enough to wear. Thanks again!

Last post about Rose Chocolat request (I hope XD)

 Regarding "She also told me that it is very dangerous to wear separated heels when the feet is larger than 260mm."

I asked her why it is so dangerous, and if she could make the larger-sized shoes with regular heels under special requests.

She said that she buys heels and other materials from the factory.
If the feet is larger than 260, the heels cannot support the base of the shoes, so shoes crack easily.
There used to be factories in Korea that can make heels for larger sizes, but they are closed now so she couldn't find the right material. This is also why most of asian shoe companies only produce sizes up to 255mm.
She actually tried to make a large size using the same heel, but it was too dangerous to walk in.
She didn't want to risk the safety.

She said "I really want to make the same shoes for everyone."

I think what she meant was that the particular heels she uses are very dangerous for the feet larger than 260mm.

I hope things are clear now.^___^)/