November 22nd, 2007

Searching for Shopping Services

Lately I have been looking for custom shopping services that will go to MILK. All of the ones I had saved are not taking requests at the moment and I would rather not use Celga or Crescent unless I have to. I'm aware of Mai Ozawa's service and I'll ask her if she can order from there if I can't find any others, but I would really like to see if I could find a custom one first. So if you are or know someone who is in Japan and are doing a commission shopping service please let me know. Thanks.

loliable, yes? no?

I bought a cute black and white dotty dress the other day and I thought it would work as a lolita jsk. I mean Meta have pokadots and make it loli.. why can't I? I just want peoples views on it.

I don't think it's -too- short I'm not sure if it would go better with a white blouse, tights and black shoes... or like I have it here... but with white shoes?

anyway pics under cut. And please, no bitchy comments.

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Jane Marple In Hong Kong

So I saw (in the Jane Marple website, of course) that there is supposedly a branch-- or at least an "overseas commodity handling shop" (I admit to not being too clear on its function, although I think I understand that it is merely a store outside of Japan selling Jane Marple commodities.) located in Room 807,JD Mall 233-239 Nathan Road Kowloon.HK. Does anybody know of this or has anybody been there? Is it an actual store you can purchase Jane Marple goods from? Could somebody please tell me about this or correct me? (My computer can't display foreign script characters.)

Thanks in advance!
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I am one of the crazy lolitas that far prefers sweaters to blouses (I don't like constricting clothing), so I thought that I would let all of my fellow sweater loving lolitas know that Mana-Santa made Christmas come early for us. Four different sweater styles just in from Moitie in off white, blue, grey and black! Also I am pleased to see that they aren't acrylic like so many lolita sweaters are but are instead 100% wool (of course that means we have to dry clean them).

ITS Blouse

Does anyone have photos of ITS's Ruffle blouse being worn? It's been around for a little while, but I don't think anyone's posted photos wearing it.
Thanks if you can help! ^_^
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Question about matching-ness

So I recently ordered the ITS gingham skirt and was wondering, when paired with a black blouse and black shoes, what colour tights I should go with (as it's waaaaayyyy too cold for socks and a skirt in Canada right now xD)?  Which or black?  Or maybe..something else?  I don't know 'cause I'm a total newb at this.  Any help would be muchos appreciated!
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I wanted to post and share my new favorite skirt. I've had the fabric sitting around for a little over a year, and I was afraid to use it because I love it so much and can't get any more of it. I wanted to be sure I would love whatever I ended out making. I finally got around to making a skirt out of the fabric so that I could wear it to a tiny little convention my friend invited me to. A couple of people actually walked by and said, "Oh look! EGL's!!!" It made me cringe a little, but they seemed so pleased at seeing us that I couldn't bring myself to correct them. XD

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Let's deal with Rose Chocolat now.

I am hearing terrible reviews of recent Rose Chocolat perchases.

I actually sent her a message regarding stelala's post yesterday. 
I was kind of surprized to see what she got for her order because RC is actually a widely trusted brand in Korea.

This was a brief lines I sent her yesterday.
" Hi. I want to tell you that recently EGL members are not very happy with RC because
1. It takes 15 weeks to get the shoes.
2. Actual shoes we recieved look very different from the pictures on the website.
3. Size is actually inaccurate.
I think most of your customers are our members in egl community. 
On-line perchases are based on trust, but you are dissapointing us.
I actually loved your shoes and they are still my favorites, but I don't know what happened to you.
Could you give me some explanation please?"

 And she replied,
"The problem was because of the bigger size orders. I have fixed all the problems now. 
I am sorry to make you worry. I will work it out."

However, I read another bad review today, and I think it's time for us to send her a official message as a egl member.
I know she doesn't really communicate in English, so I will translate everything in Korean and send her.
So, if there is any question or request you want to ask her, please reply here.

Let's try to solve this problem maturely.


Customs Fees in the US

I used the search function to read past posts about this topic so I know that this has been talked about before. However, I have some specific questions that have yet to be discussed. These questions are targeted towards those located in the US.

1. I was wondering if any of you in the US who run group orders have ever been hit with customs fees?
2. Even if you haven't been hit with customs, what was the total price of the package?
3. For those of you who have had a package (personal order, group order, etc.) worth 1000$+ sent to you, have you been hit with customs or not?

Thanks in advance for your help and input! I really appreciate it!! I hope this may be of use for others as well.