November 21st, 2007

secret garden

Starting to get that Christmas feeling.....

Hey everyone!  I'm new and from England.

So today i was thinking CANDY CANES and then I saw carnet_atelier's wonderfully clear tutorial, and then I looked at my watch and saw that there where 2 hrs till tea time......... so whipped the sewing machine out.

Mega easy and very satisfying little project. I recomend that everyone makes themselves headdresses. Its such a lovely way of using up odd scraps of lace and ribbon. The broderie anglaise I used was left over from my grandmothers work basket.

Who else is looking forward to A LOLITA CHRISTMAS??

slightly OT: Pink House IMG REQUEST

yeah, it's me again. *_*

can anyone direct me to more Pink House pictures? like is there a community for it, or some picture collections somewhere?
I love the issue of FRILL that had a gorgeous photoshoot of a white pink house dress in the back. I'd love to see more of that. I actually want to try making one. *_*

I've searched, but I get so many false positives (why could they call themselves crazyprairiedresshouse? I'm sure a search would come up for that!)

Kokusyoku Sumire France Tour

I know this isn't about clothes, and probably everyone in France already knows, but it would be an awful shame for anyone to miss out if they could possibly go. Kokusyoku Sumire is touring France this week, playing 3 shows. If you can manage to make it over to one of the shows, please do! Show your support for a wonderful group and beautiful music and two very very lovely girls! (And just have an amazing time, because they really do put on an absolutely stunning show that you will definitely regret missing!)

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La Dauphine

I'm sure most of you already know, but Victoria, (swdpunk) is releasing her own clothing line, La Dauphine in a matter of two short weeks!

As far as I know she is no longer taking commissions, but a while ago she did one for me, and with the release of her clothing brand so close, I thought I would show off the wonderful quality of items by her, as well as my trip to the local Chinese Gardens!

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Please help me,  sweet ladies.

I am having a big argument with someone about gyaru-lolis
Do they exist?
Should they?
I mean how can one mix gal and lolita?
The lifestyles are totally different, and I am sorry to lump evrey one in like that but i'm generalizing.
Please help! I want to know more peoples opions, especcially my fellow lolis.

Please try to understand that i am not saying its a bad thing, so please don't reply with "does it?" etc. I'm just so confused, the girl keeps on showing me pics and I keep on changing my mind back and forth. And I already look like an ass (sorry for my crude language!).

P.P.S. I'm looking for a special page in a Gothic & Lolita Bible, it shows the 'lifestyle' of a sweet loli and gothic loli, Thank you!


 I have a question. I always see such cute items on the Angelic Pretty Blogs, but then I never see them on the main webshop page. So, that brings us to my question:
Does Angelic Pretty not post everything they have available for sale in their shops on their webshop page? Is there any way I can buy those items?
All of their blogs have links on the right side to the other Angelic Pretty store locations' blogs. (except Nagoya, for some reason...)

Does anyone..

Has a photo of some one who is wearing these coats from BTSSB?

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I am doubting to buy one of those but I want to see them on a person first.
If I don't realy like it I go for a VM coat.

Thank you allready ^_^