November 20th, 2007

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Wardrobe Help

 I must confess that when I was in high school I was one of those indie/emo kids.  I bought most of my clothes at Goodwill, and as such, they were either too big or too small, and the colours never matched.  I thought a light blue shirt looked great with olive pants.  So it should come as no surprise to you that I -cannot- match or coordinate outfits.

This being said, I have two pieces from Alice and the Pirates that I like very much, a skirt and a blouse, but neither could possibly be worn together without looking like I dressed in the dark.  Any suggestions as to other AatP pieces that would look good with each respective piece would be much appreciated.  If I must give up a piece, it will likely be the skirt, though I'd prefer not having to sell either.

I have the darker blue version of this blouse.  Does anyone know which skirt is pictured in the photo?  Or of something else that may suit it?

I have this skirt in white.  I do not want the matching shirt, so please do not suggest it.  I am looking for something a bit more plain.

Thank you for your time.  Sorry to be such an idiot.

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Has any one paid with Visa/MC for a closet child order? If I respond that I would like to pay this way will they explain how I change my payment method to yen (I have already converted the currency)? If it's more of a hassel I can use my paypal, but since it's for my wedding my dad agreed to let my use his Visa.

Btw this is what I got! I'm going to wear it to my reception.
My wedding colors are olive & pumpkin and it's a picnic theme...

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h.Naoto and Pullip

I'm sure most of you already know this, but h.Naoto is doing a collaboration with Pullip dolls. They're not out yet, but they are set for preorder. Here are some images to tease us.

Pullip Prunella, decked out in h.Naoto FRILL

Taeyang (Pullip's boyfriend) Horison, in h.ANARCHY

Dal (Taeyang's sister and Pullip's fashion rival) Hangry, in h.Naoto HANGRY&ANGRY

This won't be the first collaboration that Pullip dolls has done though. There are Pullip dolls of the ROZEN MAIDEN anime (complete with case as well)

Plus Pullip is working on a Sanrio mascot collaboration. If you like h.Naoto and doll collecting, the upcoming Prunella, Horison and Hangry dolls are a must-have.
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Pink Care Bear

Baby 2008 calendar promo

In regards to this promo:

As I understand it, to receive the 2008 calendar, online buyers must have their e-mails dated on Nov the 26th. Is this correct, or am I misunderstanding the engrish translation I'm getting?

Thank you. :3

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A Review of 'Creme Brulee' in Taiwan?

I know this is annoying and all, but has anyone gone to Creme Brulee in Taiwan? I've heard that they carried AP, and I want to know about their selection and whether their prices are reasonable...Could someone please share about their experiences there?

And does anyone have any other shops to recommend in Taipei other than those here ?
I've used Ljseek,googled and checked the memories, but I couldn't really find much...

 Thank you very much in advance :)


This is just a very quick inquiry and anybodies help would be greatly appreciated.

I am at University studying Japanese, and in our Backrgound to Japan lessons we have to do a presentation on an aspect of culture either modern or historic. My partner and I have decided to choose how the Lolita fashion has infact influenced the creation of it's very own lifestyle.

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Puppet Circus question

Im pretty possitive (unless i find something i want even more) Im going to get the wine puppet circus jsk(with my first paycheck).. buuuut i just rememberd i should probably find out the measurements first. Im mostly concerned with the max bust..

also was there any coordinating accessories?? Headress purse or otherwise?


Red Plaid

Alright, so for christmas I want to make a JSK, specifically one based on a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright JSK that was worn by Momoko in Kamikaze Girls. It's a red plaid with white lace accents (for those familiar with the movie, she wears it in the scene where Ichigo first drags her to the Pachinko parlor). However, I am having a terrible time of finding a good fabric for it. I've looked at Joanns and searched online for a good red plaid but I cannot seem to find anything. I'm wondering if anyone has made a replica like this and has a good website for it, or if anyone knows of any good websites for finding nice plaids. I would greatly appreciate it, as I'm really excited about making this and I want the plaid to be nice (this is the first JSK I'm making, I've only made skirts before, but I want to get more into the fashion). Thanks a ton in advance!

Edit: Here's the dress.

I don't necessarily have to have the exact same plaid, but I would like one similar.
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Meta Image Request

 My apologies for an image request, but I was wondering if anyone had pictures of this Meta skirt. (Not stock photos, please.) Preferably I would like close ups of the details, but whatever you have would be greatly appreciated!
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Image Request

This is a bit of a long shot, but does anyone have the official stock photos of Heart E's knit bunny hat that came out a few months ago? It sold out quickly and they took all the pictures down when it did. ):

(just for clarification, it looks like this, and I believe it's called "うさフードニット")


Short hair?

hi! I want to request a few pictures of lolita-ic short hair. I don't think I've ever seen pictures of short hair on girls, but I rarely read posts on EGL. :\

A month ago, I found out that I had mold in my dreadlocks, i know, gross! so, I cut off my dreadlocks. Now, I have short hair, but it is kinda ugly and I want my hair to be cute y'know? haha.

Lolita short hair pics, please?


edit, to help.. heres a picture of my hair.

yeah ignore my face xD
WTF, Yako spit

ACen 2008?

I was wondering if there was anyone planning on doing a panel for Gothic Lolita at ACen this coming year? If so who, I'd loved to help in anyway I can. The reason I ask is because there has been interest shown on their forums
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, but no deff. person has stepped forward and said they are in charge of one, or are helping with one. Just mostly throwing ideas here and there.

Also, while I'm still fairly on topic, is anyone planning on attending this particular convention? Or planning some meetups?

I know it's a bit early , but it couldn't hurt to ask.

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