November 19th, 2007


Lolitas with stretched ears?

Any other lolitas with stretched ear lobes? What do you wear in them when you're wearing lolita? My lobes are around 7/6" ~ 1/2" and I'm not sure what type of plugs or jewelry would work best. I'm thinking gemstones, or hanging design? Does anyone here with stretched ears have pictures of themselves in lolita where you can see the jewelry you're wearing? Thanks.

Rocking Horse Questions

Okay, so I finally got my mom's permission to get RHSs, but I need to find out some things first.

1.What brand would you recommend, just as a personal preference?
2.Which brand has the best comfort level?
3.Price is a huge deal, as I cant afford to be spending over $50 on just a pair of shoes, so where can I find the cheapest?
4.Also, sizing is a concern, what are some places policy on returns/exchanges if the shoes don't fit right?

Thank you so much!

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Request for Tutorial?

I've been working on a sailor loli outfit and looked around for a tutorial on making a sailor hat. D: sadly I have yet to find anything. Does anyone here know where I can find a tutorial on making a sailor hat?

Thank you ahead of time! ^^;
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Classic lolita hair accessory coordination help

I recently finished with my creation of a Classic style dress that looks very similar to this one:Collapse )Except my dress is gray with floral print on it and uses velvet ribbon trim. I'm also going to be wearing lace gloves with it.

I just don't know what hairstyle to do to match this outfit. I have seen that most of the Classic styles wear flowers but if I'm not sure how that would look on me. I was thinking a very feminine headdress similar to this one would work: Collapse )

Cupcake / Cake Stands and other Tea Party Accesories

Hi Loli's !

I tried searching this on LJSeek but couldn't find anything. So I thought maybe I should post this question. Anyway I decided to ask here anyway..
For my birthday party i decided I should order things early so they come here on time and here is my question...
Where is a good place to purchase online tea party/cake accesories such as Cupcake/Cake stands, tea trays etc. ?
I found two really cheap cupcake stands that might work for the moment if I cant find anything really nice that would be long lasting...
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AP Band

Lolita Terminology - Discussion

I recently found this website.

It has all kinds of information about Japan and what a surprise, they have a lolita fashion section. It looks pretty good to me (with a few things that seem a bit off, but never mind that) and I was surprised to see new terminologies.

One that really caught my eye was Dosu Rori ドスロリ.

"The word "Dosu Lolita" is derived from merging the words "Dosukoi" (a sumo exclamtion) and "Lolita." This classification is given to Plump or well-rounded women who wear Lolita Fashion. The style of this is to look very much like a doll. Similar classifications are "Debu Rori デブロリ" (Chubby Lolita), or "Busu Lolita ブスロリ" Ugly Woman Lolita."

I saw that then thought of the term "fatty-chan" but in the Japanese parspective.

In your opinion, would it be offensive to call fatty-chan dosu loli or debu loli? (Not desu loli of course though!)

Also feel free to discuss other terms listed on that site.
Two devils

Looking for member

I sold TWO MINICROWNS to an EGL member in Sweden about 1 month ago.  The package was returned to me today with ''Unknown"checked on it.  I checked the paypal address and it was the same.  If this was you PLEASE EMAIL ME at with your correct address so I can send it again.
Shoes and blue bird

Hypothetical question

We all know how expensive this fashion is, yes? And many of us are on a budget. I am actually struggling with this dilemma as we speak, so I decided to put it to the rest of the community and see how everyone else would handle it.

Let's say you have a very set budget of money you have saved for your lolita clothes. Say, $350. And lo, it is close to Christmas, so Y!Japan is flooding with great stuff!

Now, you see about eight billion items you would love to buy. They suit your wardrobe and your current tastes, and are very functional for daily wear. You could easily expand your wardrobe using the money at your disposal and a selection of those items.

However, suddenly you come across the dress of your dreams. You have coveted this dress for years. You have had dreams about it. You would give your left kidney for it. Or $350. Which is exactly what it is priced at.

This item is super-rare. It may never, ever be seen on Y!Japan again. But the other items that you want, functional though they may be, aren't often found either, and you could lose out on some great deals.

Question is: would you rather spend the money on a large quantity of items, which you aren't trip-over-yourself madly in love with, but which you do really like, and would splendidly add to your outfits and give you more to wear in day-to-day life? Or would you give them all up for that one, drool-worthy dress?

Edit: Thank you everyone! I have made my decision and asked Mai to bid on the Dream Dress™ for me. :D I am interested in what others would do in this situation though, so please feel free to keep answering.

And uh, expect a sales post from me within the next week, else I'll be eating instant ramen for the rest of the month. :D
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I think there's a resurgence of interest in the kodana-style (or at least over at daily_lolita) but there aren't many scans of it. So here are some EGA/kodana style snaps from Kera Maniax 6 which features a lovely winter snowscape! in BTSSB. The series is titled: "Little Prince B-592".

*I don't have a scanner, so these are taken with a camera. The size is around 800x600+ therefore please click on the links

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It's not fun to look at models only though (although Masato is hot), so here are some bonus streetsnaps. The Juliette et Justine couple is the best I think.

Collapse )

A while back I promised miyu_sakura to help write a history/timeline of sorts, but I totally forgot *hides* In exchange, I bring you....BTSSB PRINT TIMELINE!. This is the official ver. from GLB 23? It's pretty big (like,700x1000) and just in case it isn't clear enough, I've added a rough summary.

Collapse )

And if you've missed it, I have Emikyu snaps and Jane Marple snaps as well.

I don't usually mind if you want to use it for site/layout/icons, but please ask first and DO NOT HOTLINK. Thanks and have fun!
Gyaru - Nicole Abe - Tongue Fun

Photo and question!

So, I recently received my Meta Golden Print OP today from miyu_sakura  and of course it called for a single photo shoot.
Warning: I am a busty lady, so unfortunately the op shows that up.
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Recently I went to the fabric district of down-town LA, and I aquired some lovely black on white fabric. I have four yards of it, so I plan on making an elastic waist skirt, the only thing is aside from that I'm stumped design wise. So any suggestions or pictures of loli skirts that feature black print on white fabric would be great! I usually stick with black bases, but this fabric was so pretty, I couldn't pass it up.

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Thanks and have a lovely evening EGL!
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SO my friend and I are trying to order rocking horses from DD.  His foot measurement is 26 cm... and the shoes on DD only go up to 25.  So I'm pretty sure they're not going to fit him, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something here.  The measurements on the site are (23.0cm-25.0cm) definitely CM and not a Japanese shoe size number?



g&l bible patterns

Hi a quick question:

Do Gothic&Lolita Bibel patterns include seam allowances or ready or are they just like any other patterns you get for example with sewing magazines? Because the patterns look like they'd have seam allowances already....

(sorry if this has been asked for million times!)