November 18th, 2007


Hey everyone.  For a Journalism class I'm currently taking, I'm going to be writing a piece on Gothic and Lolita fashion.  If you could take the time to fill out this short survey, that'd be really helpful to me.  If you feel uncomfortable answering a question, feel free to skip it.  Thanks. :D
1.       What is your name and age?
2.       How long have you been interested in Lolita fashion?
3.       Do you practice Lolita fashion as a hobby or as a lifestyle?
4.       What subcategory of Lolita fashion would you put yourself in?  Why do you enjoy that subcategory?
5.       Are you a brand Lolita or do you make your own?
6.       What attracted you to his hobby in the first place?
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Starting scan dump

Over the next week I'm going to dump all the scans in my photobucket on himitsunoniwa because I don't want old scans cluttering my personal journal. This is the first entry. It's bible 15, 16, and 17. I'll be deleting these scans from my photobucket over the next couple of weeks so save them if you want them.
I probably won't post reminders here every day so just check back if you're looking for older scans. Thanks!
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Lovely Gangsta

Ladies, be honest. We've all been confronted with what to wear when we go out ballin' with our posse. Well, Metamorphose has swooped in to save the day with apparently what every loli wears when starting their own girly motorcycle gang.

Went out with moriyama_umi the other day, and we got some of her shopping service squared away. When I saw this at the Harajuku Meta shop, I knew I had to have one. It's just osorori. X3 ♥!

Sorry for all the patience I've no doubt tried. I had to share.

Almost forgot. Best part? They come in TWO sizes, friends. Ladies, and Mens. Because you know they get droves of male impulse shoppers in there every day.
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Hi everyone!

Just thought I would say hello. I just joined.

Melissa here, y'all. I just wanted to let you ladies know you are all lovely! I met a few of you at Mitsuwa marketplace yesterday, and you were nice enough to let me take some pictures. Do any of you know who I am talking about? Would like to get to 'know' you online so we can be friends. I especially loved the pink dress and the black dressed ladies, you were so nice for letting me take pictures...oh! And the really cute girl in the brown and blue dress too!