November 17th, 2007

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Shoe Clips?

I checked the memories, but I didn't find anything about this.

I know plenty of lolitas who put bow clips on their shoes, and I recently bought a pair of rockinghorse shoes that I would like to put bows on. The thing is-- I don't have enough money to buy brand ones, because of all the added shipping and such. It seems like too much for little bows. @__@

Anyway. Do any of you have a good off-brand shoe-clip site? Or have you used off-brand shoe clips before?I'd really like to hear about them!

Thanks. :3


Has anyone purchased the new-ish "cutsew"s from FanPlusFriend? The pictures are a bit iffy so I was wondering if someone could tell me: is it stretch cotton or their broadcloth?
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ALA Prereg group

x-posting to anywhere that may contain California con-goers.

Friends and I are putting together a prereg group to Anime Los Angeles 2008, which is January 4th through January 6th, 2008 at the Burbank Convention Center. The cost for registration with a group is $25 as versus $40-$50 (depending on when you register and if you're a student or not.) We need a 15 person group and right now we have 7-8.

Does anyone know that they are going and want to register with us?

Thanks in advance, ladies!
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Question: Tokyo Claires

I'm looking at a particular headdress on Ebay bought from Claires in Tokyo, and I was wondering if anyone here has one? I don't know about Japan, but theres always a tendency with anything bought from Claires in the UK to break/fail after a few weeks.

Item in question:

And yes, I know it has bunny ears. I actually bought the bunny hair clips from the Claires in Manchester and they broke, so I'm looking for something to replace them.


Help choosing outfit?

So I recently housesat for my parents for a week and a half and got 250 dollars for it. I put some away for rent and then decided to use the rest on pretties, but as I didn't have enough for brand this time around and my sewing machine's on the fritz (as usual >.> ), I decided to go for more inexpensive "indies" brands (Is that what you'd call them?). I found two outfits from two different brands, both of which I adore, but I can't choose between the two!

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Info about MARBLE?

Hello! I just received my GLB26 and became fascinated by the designs of MARBLE. Then I visited their site and now I am really interested in getting something from them! Some of the items have 95 bust and 80 waist which would fit me.
But it's not a very well known brand in overseas forums and sites. Do any of you own anything from them? 
I know I would have to use Crescent-shop to get the things though, as they only accept Japanese mail orders. 

Merry Making Party Angelic Pretty

Lailah's Sunday PMX Photos

Sunday was the Angelic Pretty Fashion show and Brunch~!  I was very lucky to be asked to model for them~! 
You can read more about it in my blog (^o^)

No pictures of modeling for Angelic Pretty yet though... Have to wait for the official photos~!

Now on to pictures~!

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Onepiece: Angelic Pretty ~
KiraKira☆Doll Set
Socks: Metamorphose temps de fille
Shoes: Metamorphose temps de fille


If any of you want full-sized pictures, comment on my LJ which ones you want and I'll email them to you!