November 16th, 2007

Alto x Sheryl

Any suggestions for shoes?

(I know this has been posted somewhere before, but the post and replies didn't help me much)

Hi, I wear a US size 11-11.5 and can't find any lolita shoes that'll fit my size.  I've asked but they said they don't do Bespeak for shoes. ;_;  I'm a sweet lolita if that helps any...  Does anyone have any suggestions or am I doomed to wearing boring shoes while wearing lolita?
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Brand Photo Stealers on Ebay...

Dear EGL,

(I did check the memories firs, but didn't find anything.) A lot of you probably already know what i'm talking about - Independent seamstresses on Ebay (all based in China, I think) that steal photos of brand lolita clothing without stating that the item is a replica. They don't seem to say that it's authentic brand, either, they just fail to warn customers that their item might not look exactly like the one in the picture. To be honest, it seems a bit suspicious to me. They have good feedback, but if their stuff genuinely is of good quality then why can't they post actual pictures and admit that the dressses are replicas. The prices seem very reasonable, but I don't want to buy anything without hearing some feedback from people I can trust when it comes to lolita.

Just to clarify, this is what i'm talking about:

So, anyway, my question is:
- Have you ever purchased anything from one of these sellers?
- What was the quality like?
- Were they almist exact copies of the originals, or were there noticable differences?
- Good fabrics?
- Overall satisfaction with the items?
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A different kind of tall lolita question

Okay, we've all seen the "how short can I get away with my skirt being?" and "where can I find shoes for my big feet?" ect ect. But I was wondering what I could do to improve my skirt poof.

Longer skirts means more fabric, which means heavier skirts. I already wear two petticoats at all times (to the point where friends think I'm insaaane), and on lighter skirts it seems to do the trick, but on skirts with a lot of ruffles and embellishments I can't get them to be supported enough for my liking (This picture is a good example. I'm wearing an older ITS Poof Petti and a industrialkitty double layer petti with that). I know it doesn't help that I'm a fatty too. So do any of the taller lolitas have any tips? Should I start wearing three pettis with heavier skirts? (Imma drown in layers!) Or maybe just ask for extra poof when commissioning one?

Why hello thurr~

Oh la la~ I am new here and I've recently gotten into the darling fashion of lolita again! Back in my middle school days it was the animu obesession [ew ew] but now that I'm a bit older I've come to admire and be amazed with the detail and precision of the outfits.

Since I do not have a job nor am I allowed to... I want to start to make my own outfits and accessories! I've looked at sewing machines and the ones that are cheapcheap are total JUNK and the ones that claim to be THE BEST are way out of my league!

What is a good sewing machine at a reasonable price but can get the job done well? Any other tips and advice would be much appreciated as well!
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Trust me I did my research...

I just came back from 1/2 an hour of searching memories and sending an email out to an address that doesn't even exist!

However, I cannot find a direct Email to contact Lolita Lola. I know miwtich and 69th dept. both have the Rocking Horse shoes, but I heard its cheaper if you order straight from her. Ive been to her site, but I really don't want to join some random blog site just to talk to her if I dont have to.

Please ladies and Gents, help me out?
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Hello Guys,

Dear lolita babys in egl community:  

Hi everyone, I am Miyuno from Taiwan. 
I found this LiveJournal on Google.  I'm exciting that there are many lolita fans here
Soon I make an account  and post this entry

I also love this clothig style. Unfortunately, I am a 23yrs old male. So I only dress in sweet lolita on fastival or the dressing party on my belonging school club: "cosplay club"

Here are my pic shooting on party. Hope you like it. 
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bubble bath usagi

Ling Lam order question

Hi ladies,
I ordered a pair of Ling Lam rockinghorse shoes today, and I was wondering how long it takes for ling_lam to get back to you?
I paid immediately, got the standard e-mail from eBay from ling_lam, etc. I went ahead and sent her an eBay message as well as an e-mail to about my shoe size and what color I wanted it in. Would that work for her?

I used the search function and got results that indirectly talked about the time it took for ling_lam to get back to the customer, but I found answers ranging from a day to two months! I would really appreciate some help! And perhaps, some specific time frames, please?

Thank you everybody.

EDIT: Mine was different from most auctions because the auction didn't specify color or size.
This is the link to the auction
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