November 15th, 2007

Xelyna the Gothic Lolita
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Kyoto Meet-Up Pictures!

On Sunday November 4 we had the second lolita meet-up in Kansai- this time in Kyoto! It was kind of a random weekend to hold it on so not many people could come, but we still had fun!

Oh yeah, we ran into Rirakkuma!

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EGL Mythology

So, after the joking idea of Lolita "mythology" came up a couple of posts ago, I thought I'd take a crack at it off the top of my head, as we all know how serious this fashion is. ;) Feel free to make up your own or add to this one, and remember, have fun with it!

In the beginning there were Kawaii and Kowai, the first heavenly twins of girliness. One day they decided to try out a new fashion that would truly reflect their eternal cuteness and went on a quest. They finally, after five long minutes of arduous questing and a whole ten seconds without seeing anything pink, found a strange, mute goddess with blue hair who sold them a sacred Book of Patterns in exchange for some whiteface.

To celebrate their success, they ate lots of sweets before they started to sew their new fashion.

Unfortunately, neither had paid much attention in kanji class and they were both high on sugar, so they couldn’t remember if the most important kanji and numbers on the pattern were for “dress length” or “skirt length”. Kawaii went with skirt length, and ended up with a beautiful, frilly dress that came to her cute little knees.

Kowai went with dress length, and ended up with a beautiful, frilly dress so short it went just about all the way up to her coochie.

Thus began the Great Divide of Lolitadom.

EDIT: Glad to see y'all liked it! Thank you! ^_^
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F+F question

Hi! I've been lurking here for quite some time and I wasn't planning on introducing myself untill I had some lolita clothes to post - but just a moment ago I read some things that said that this F+F dress always comes calf legnth unless you specify otherwise. I ordered this dress a few weeks ago, and they haven't confirmed delivery yet, but I REALLY don't want it at calf legnth! So I'm hoping you ladies can tell me wether this is always the case, and if it is easy to alter yourself? I have a sewing machine but I'm not very experienced with it, so I'm a bit nervous by the idea of mucking it up. Should I just cancel my order, or is it to late? It's been 2 weeks since I ordered.

Sorry for all the questions! And thankyou for any help :)

Something different ?

Not exactly EGL enough to post the pics directly here, but I took a few pics last night of an interesting little combo that owes a lot to Kodona fashion. I kinda started out doing something Kodona then just went on from there.

pics over here

It's mostly fairly standard stuff, blouse, cameo, 3/4 length trousers, short rounded boots.
I added the corset, as it helped continue the overall shape nicely from the legs up, and the hat was picked mostly because it wasn't black (which would be lost on my hair), then the hair teased on one side to follow the lines of the feathers.

So not Kodona in the sense that I look like a boy much, but more of an outfit based on Kodona.

So take a peek and let me know what you think....

Tricorn hat

A while ago I made a few tricorn hats, and while several people were interested in them, the selection of colors available of premade hats really limited the choices. Since then I have hit upon a way to make the hats from scratch, allowing me to make these hats in any color I can find felt in.

I quickly made a prototype, and did a little photoshoot with it, I hope you enjoy the pictures. It's more aristocrat then lolita, as the prototype hat is black and I really don't have any gothic lolita clothing XD

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VM thought

It's Market Research time! (Part I)

I know a lot of seamstresses have talked about offering lolita sewing patterns in the past, but no one has really followed through. Recently there appears to be a surge in pattern requests, so I’m thinking of reviving the idea. Please share your opinions if you have a moment to spare.

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Hmm, apparently lj doesn't like more than 15 questions in their polls. Should I do a separate poll for the rest of my questions in this post or just wait a few days?
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Lolita dollie!

hey y'all!

a couple weeks ago i posted my first lolita dollies out of polymer clay. here is the second round with experimental faces of two of them and commission!

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thanks for looking!
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(no subject)

Hello everyone, does anyone have pictures of the ITS ice cream jsk on? Also, does anyone have a ITS alice bow? How does it look on, and how would it look with the ice cream jsk? I tried the search function but I didn't find anything. Thank you.

Mis-use of the term EGL

I was looking for 'Little Apple Dolls' on eBay and found this.

According to the listing "These dolls are based on a new mythology of Elegant Gothic Lolitas and legends from the past that capture the spirit of Japanese horror classics."

I totally didn't expect to see that. Our kind has myths now? -_-;;
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CURE magazine at PMX

I was very excited when a man from Cure magazine approached me and Maki (newfound friend! :D) about taking our photo for December's issue. The girl running around from Tokyopop also took our photos, but Maki and I weren't in the same photo. :(

My boyfriend snuck a picture behind the Cure photographer for proof, so here it is! I hope our picture gets in the mag!

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Sorry if this seems like a personal blog entry, but I DO want to know how many other people and who got their pictures taken for Cure. :)
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Rocking Horse Shoe Help

So I'm finally going to order a pair of rocking horse shoes of my very own, but I'm clueless as to where to go. So, EGL, I ask for your help!

My questions:
In your opinion,
- Where's the best place to purchase rocking horse shoes?
- Where can I get the best quality for my money? (I don't want to spend more than $100 on a pair of shoes)
- How do the sizes run from different brands? (I'm between an 8 and a 9 in US shoe size, not wide feet by any means, but not skinny either)
- What colors/styles are the most versatile? (I tend to like sweet lolita much more than classic/gothic)
- Anyone to stay away from?

Thank you for your time, ladies!