November 14th, 2007

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We've had enough posts about negative reactions from the public/friends/family/SOs, ditto for posts about positive reactions. But what about times when you defended yourself and your lolita honor against snippy questions? Whether you answered a witty question with a witty comment, or shut up a nasty instigator, or somewhere in-between, please to be sharing your stories!

You know you want to.

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So let's hear what you got 8D
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BtSSB Shoe Clip Review

We often see questions in the community about where to find cute shoes that are comfortable or that fit properly. There are a number of us with feet that are too big, too small, or too whatever to wear brand shoes or replicas. So for everyone with this problem, I offer a solution.

Both BtSSB and Meta have offered shoe-clips for the past couple of seasons. The clips from both brands are made out of something approximating leather, and they can be clipped on to any standard pair of shoes for a cuter and more lolita style look.

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Magical Unicorn

Fees? Breakage?

Are any of the courier services known to charge sneaky fees? Generally, I always plans to spend twice as much as the item is just in case. (I mean for stardard lolita items such as skirts, onepiece, I know parasols get weird shipping-wise)

Also, how different is the shipping for parasols directly from a brand store? Did they come packaged well, or did they break? Sorry, the LJ Seek thingy has never worked for me, so I can't check. ._.;;

Thanks <333
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Introduction? n_n;;

So yeah.. I¨'ve been a member and lurker of this community for a long time bur I really don't think I've ever posted something interesting XD Also, I have abandoned my LJ for 2234234 months, but I think I'll start using it again :D So, introduction post!

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So, that was all! Hello to all lolis out there! ^^
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Bake the Puffs
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PMX post #289528502850285

I wasn't going to post these to egl, but I was coerced adviced to by some jerks friends. I apologize if the commentary and random babbling gives you a headache; I would have typed it up a lot nicer and more interesting to the community if I had known. Skip over the words. However, you guys might enjoy the stupid pictures and mugshots as much as I do.

Also, room 7031 represent!!! We could have won that pmx_lolita closet challenge if the other half of the roomies were present at the time, but we had to pack up before they returned from their nocturnal debauchery elegant evening dinners.

Anywho, here's some pictures of a Texas country bumpkin's glamorous adventure in California :p

( Fake LJ-cut to my journal entry )
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Type of Petticoat

 Hello everyone :]

I'd like to purchase a Petticoat from

(I've read good reviews about them)

However, I'm at a loss for which to buy.

The 'Poof' Petticoat or the 'Princess' one :/

I'm a Gothic Lolita so I'm not sure if the 'Poof' one might be a little too much...

Here is the link of the comparison:

Thank you in advance for any advice! 


Edit: Made the font black, sorry ^^; !

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AP Brunch, Head Table conversation recap

This is a repost from my journal about all the things I can remember that were said at the head table at the Angelic Pretty Brunch at PMX. I hope you enjoy!
Also, if you were also at the table with me, feel free to add. And I'd also like to apologize if I was a little weird and for using Japanese at the table. I tried not to, but I was hoping to make them feel a little more comfortable ^^;;;
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bikini kill riot grrrl

parsols and bentos...

 Two questions!!

1. My sister said she saw somewhere, a bento that when all of the tiers were stacked it looked like a cake.
anyone know where to find that? Or simply any other cute multiple peice/tier bento? I need it for work. 

2.What brand parasol works best as an umbrella?


Lolita influence?

I hope this LJ cut works.

I dont know, maybe someone else has already caught this and made a post about it. But whatever :)

Has anyone else noticed how the latest fashions in the west are showing more and more lolita elements?
For example theres a lot of blouses you can find lately that are lacey and frilly or gathered and look like they could work for causal lolita.
Like these:
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EDITED - Review: ITS Gingham Skirt - Warning, absolutely work-safe pussy shots!

Hello guys,

Some of you already know that thanks to previous reviews in this wonderful community I discovered In The Starlight and immediately fell for this skirt:

ITS Gingham Skirt

Of course I bought it immediately per PayPal (on 01/011/07), as US$55 including shipping is really a good price.
For some reason PayPal put in my old address so I had to send an e-mail with the correct one *sigh*.
Leah replied the same day saying she would make sure to send this to the right addres and contact me again once the skirt was on its way, which she estimated to take about a week. That e-mail arrived on 09/11/07 and the skirt itself arrived today.

As already mentioned here before by other reviewers, my skirt also arrived folded in a box but since the box itself was sturdy I didn't mind that there was no extra bag or "stuffing". After all those things just add to the final price and are thrown away anyway.

The material of the skirt is lightweight and a bit see-through (without making a cheap impression), but nothing a good petticoat cannot fix. It also does not feel like Ill have to iron the hell out of it. I love the shape, it is exactly what I have been looking for and looks decent even with my half-assed petticoat. I have decided to get a better one though. Maybe from ITS ^__^. Only points of criticism: the waistband. It could have done with some kind of reinforcement, it keeps folding over/ rolling down. And some loops to put the skirt on a hanger would have been nice.
I'll definitely buy from Leah again though once I see something I really like.

According to the website the skirt is 19" long but mine is actually 18" including the waistband... might have to do with my size though (24" waist) and you can order a different length free of charge (Oh yeah? How about floor length then? :-P).

I did not take a picture of the box or the skirt in the box because I trust everyone can imagine what that looks like. However, since there are quite a few pictures coming here's a nice little cut:

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That's all folks, thanks for being awesome!
Oh, I think somebody's got a mirror to clean! *blush*

(no subject)

A few of us Scottish lolitas met up in Edinburgh today to visit the Surgeon's Hall museum of pathology, which was gruesome but fascinating! Unfortunately photography was not allowed there, so we stopped to take a few photos on the way to the Chai for afternoon tea.

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louise belcher

Doubledecker confirmation

Hello, I just need to ask a few questions regarding doubledecker and paypal (for confirmation). Ive already searched via LJseek and nothing came up (nothing that would answer my questions/completely reassure me) and the how to buy link in the memories isn't working, so I'm sorry. :( I'm a bit scared because the order form says IPMO only, yet I was informed through this comm that they accept paypal now.

Okay, first of all, has anyone tried ordering from DD using paypal already? How was it? How did you let them know that you were paying through paypal? Did you leave it in the remarks? How did you get the details you needed to pay such as the email ad of doubledecker's paypal account?

Second of all, how much is shipping? (I'm considering taking up the two-pairs deal) Is it different now that they don't just do IPMOs anymore? How fast was the shipping?

I'm really sorry again, it's my first time ordering overseas and I'm being helped by a friend, but I'm still rather cautious. Thanks so much for your patience.

Brand Fashion Shows

Does anyone know where I can find video of lolita brand fashion shows? Or, at very least, people in brand in a fashion show-esque environment? I know it's a bit of an odd request, but it's for a project on video editting and sound synch. I'd especially like sweet, classic, shiro, punk, and gothic. Visual would also be nice if you find it. Thanks in advance!

Note: I've tried searching for brands on Veoh (Google video will be my next stop once I get home) but it's been fruitless. I'm sure there must be something out there somewhere, it's just a matter of knowing what to look for, which I don't know.

Edit: Thanks for all the help so far! I still need a way to get video from youtube, but otherwise thanks so much! If you have anything that hasn't been posted, I'd love to see it.