November 13th, 2007

awake wuh?


So Anime USA is fast approaching and the Gothic Lolita Panel has been moved from the 1:00pm time slot to 11:00pm at night time slot on Saturday. As for the meet up, it's finally being changed to a Lolita Dinner Saturday evening. misadesu and I are still trying to decide on where to eat, but it pretty much looks like a Japanese restaurant, but we can all take a vote on where to eat.

So here is the run down!

Lolita Dinner at 6:30pm, meet in the front lobby of the convention hotel and we're all going to leave at 7:00pm to where ever we have all decide on where to eat.

Please dress your best and take into consideration the weather conditions

Gothic Lolita Panel at 11:00pm Saturday Night, so we all can hang out after dinner for some photos and then go to the panel =]

Hope you all can come! <3


Hi! I've been really interested in Lolita fashion for quite a while and I've made a few skirts, but I'd really like to make some dresses. I was wondering if anyone could reccomend patterns that they've had good luck using to create loli dresses? I've looked at several pattern websites and have gotten some ideas, but I would love to know what you guys have used to get a better idea. If you have any really good blouse patterns, those would be appreciated as well! Thanks very much in advance!


Hi guys!

I have a question about the Bodyline Rakuten shop. Basically on this page it says that they're having a one week sale ending 11/11, but its past that date and they haven't taken down the sale prices yet, so I'm wondering if any of you knew when the sale was ending? I remember the same thing happened for this other sale they had in June, so perhaps someone could help me?


Tarina Tarantino's "Gothic Lolita" Line

I went to check out the sales page on Tarina Tarantino's web shop (the jewelry designer behind the "Pink Head" Hello Kitty series and the Alice in Wonderland themed line that was posted about a year ago) when I came accross this line, "Gothic Lolita". Most of the pieces are kind of er..."questionable" (such as the pic above the cut), but I think some of the pieces would work pretty well for casual or punk loli though, or if you just want something cutesy and "loli inspired" when you're in street clothes.

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Rescue my holidays

Hi Ladies ^-^
I'm going to Gran Canria with my family in Summer for 2 weeks...
Thats my Problem.. our Hotel is near Playa des Ingles....waaaahhh Tourist with Sandales an white socks >_<
Maybe..if somebody know a Lolita from Gran Canaria? a person who could rescue my holidays (ok, its pretty cool there... i like Pubs...:D)
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