November 12th, 2007

questions about Angelic Pretty at PMX

hey, for those of you who went, would you mind sharing about what you experienced?

(1) those of you who went to the AP panel, what exactly did they say?

(1b) Likewise, those of you who were sitting at the head tables at the tea party, could you share what they said? :)

(2) Those of you who bought cute things at the AP boutique, how about post a picture of what you bought! :D
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 Hi, I have never posted here before. I have a few pics of me in lolita. I am sorry for the bad quitily of the photos. I had to use a mirror and I have no one to take the pics. Also I probably need to add some items to my out fits just wondering if any one had any ideas.


RHS with ribbon straps

I'm going to be lame and not cruise LJ-seek very well, so if it's been posted about, oh well. :D

Anyway, just as a heads up, I believe lolita_lola has started carrying RHS with ribbon straps instead of just the leather straps.

So far, she has pictures of them in red, pink and black. I tried to ask her if they also came in white, just in case, but she signed off before I could ask. ):


They only come in black, pink, and red.


I'm a long time lurker, and just until recently at pmx, I bought my first dress~ I was very excited that everything fit from AP, even though the choices where very limited by the time I was able to go. But I'm very happy with my new purchases, I will share with you~ Now I just need to find the right accessories to go with it. I know my hair and make-up don't really fit with an all white dress but I thought it made a nice contrast~ <3 I am always looking to meet new friends if any of you lovelies have myspace please feel free to add me.

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It's Lolita Wordfun Tiem!!!

Okay, I admit it. I'm the person who completed all the puzzles in the magazine at the coffee shop. Sudoku, wordfinders, crosswords, spot the difference: you name it, I love it.

So I figured I might as well forget about studying for exams and spend some time MAKING a crossword.  And what better subject than lolita!  I think that the crossword should be very easy to complete, so for a brief test of your general lolita knowledge simply copy and paste into your nearest Paint-like application and complete, or print a hardcopy if that's how you roll :D

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