November 11th, 2007

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Hmm..some Anna House questions :D

Oh, I know you're sick of these by now o 3o
but my mom just agreed to buy some AH for me for Christmas, so >___>;;
And yes, I did scour the community through ljseek :]

First: How do their shoes run, size wise? Are they true to size or should I order up? according to their chart, I'd be a size 36, but that size is sold out in the shoes I want...would I be comfortable in a 37?

Second: Do they do custom colours? I want this skirt in completely white, would they be able to do that?
I did email them about that, but I wanted to ask you all if you had ever gotten a custom colour from them.

Thanks so much, guys ;D
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Socks over tights?

Is wearing socks over tights really a faux pas? I saw it mentioned in the lolita handbook and it made me sad. I really don't like the skin gap between my skirt and my socks. The rest of me (or most of it) is covered, so why can't that part be? :C I can see how it would really help in winter! <33

Edit // Thanks, lovlies! :3 I was refering to solid colour tights that matched well. (ie white tights under sweet lolita socks and black under black, etc.) <333
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hey there lolitas, random many of you are gamers?

more specifically, how many of you have played rule of rose?
not only is the game set in the 1930s and about a group of girls who call themselves "the aristocrats of the red crayon", there is an unlockable gothic lolita costume.

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ETC ribbon skirt pictures

Hey all, can anyone provide me with pictures of a certain Emily Temple Cute skirt?

It's fairly simple, with appliqued ribbons around the bottom edge. The only pictures I've seen are of swdpunk wearing it, and I don't want to use her photos without permission. I would appreciate it if someone could find stock pictures of this skirt! Specifically better pictures of the skirt shape with and without a petticoat, and details of the bows. I'm working on a commissioned replica of it.

Thanks in advance!
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Many, Many Apologies

 We've all heard it before, and I apologize for making you hear it again. I'm writing a research paper on how Western society views/adopted the Lolita fashion, and I'm using the EGL community as a primary source. However, I feel that sifting through 6+ years of entries on this forum won't get me enough information, especially since older posts have probably been deleted. Therefore, I've created a questionnaire here. Participation is totally voluntary, but much appreciated. In order to get a more accurate view of lolita culture in the West, I would love it if everyone took a little time to fill this out. And even though I'm mainly analyzing lolita in Western society, I would appreciate responses from lolitas in every nook of the world. I've also screened comments as some of the questions are liable to be touchy topics, and I want answers to be as truthful as possible. 

Again, thanks so much for filling this out~!

On another topic--it was never resolved when to have a meetup. From the looks of it, a lot of people are going home (out of state) for the break or they're super busy around Thanksgiving. How would people feel about a meetup on the weekend after (November 30th-December2nd)? Also, concerning lolitas that are in school, when do your finals end? Maybe there can be a meetup for all nearby lolitas after those with finals are done with them so everyone can come? Finals week for me is from December 14th to the 20th, but all of my finals are actually on the last day of classes.  ._. So that leaves me with about a week of nothing to do (except pack).

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hello! first post in this community,or any community actually.. >o<
i have a question!

are there any lolita-esque shops down in london? any shops to recommend for getting some nice shoes as well?

thanks so much~:D

answered! thanks so much i totally forgot about the search function >o< *is very studpid at using lj functions