November 10th, 2007


Sorry to post again!

I'm sorry I am posting again so soon but as I was checking my e-mail I stumbled on this little link on the yahoo main page:

I don't know what possessed me to click on it originally but when I did I was surprised...
Are those two lolis? Why yes they are! Nowwaitacottonpickinminute!
It appears that the consensus of "yahoo" thinks that Lolitas are Goth?
I don't know about any of you other lolis, but I am a pretty optimistic person and for one do not "embrace the dreary and dark side of life."

I would love to have the author of this article hang out with a sweet lolita for a day ;0D

Just thought you would enjoy seeing it and would love to read your thoughts <3

EDIT: P.S. I also love how all the search results have nothing to do with EGL kekekekeke!~

PMX 2007 Day 1

This is going to be a quick one without any pics because I was too busy running around working the con! But I did have breakfast at 9 and I had lunch around.. uh... 5 PM?

So anyway, the sales at the AP Magical Boutique were brisk like crazy all day the first day. Lines to get in galore because of the appointment system. However, because everyone was buying like crazy (markup was negligible.. really...) one report I got from a loli staffer she said, all the skirts that AP brought to PMX were SOLD OUT by 2:00 PM (and I wanted to buy a skirt!!).

By the time 6:00 PM rolled around, they were down to 10% of their stock. Seriously.

I predict that by 11 AM tomorrow, the Angelic Pretty Magical Boutique will be COMPLETELY sold out. The only thing that will be left will be the fixtures. So hurry on down and buy whatever you can because nothing will be left! Also...


Super Tardy to the Party

This past July some of the Philly lolitas (and some New Jersey lolitas) went to a trip at Longwood Gardens. You might remember the photo's posted by tian_shi a few months ago.

I kept putting off editing my photo's because of my broken laptop screen (and terrible "temporary" replacement monitor), but as I have replaced the screen, and ribbon cable, it looks like it's going to be even longer before the lappy is fixed. As I forced everyone to pose for me, I have to post the photos eventually XD

So please enjoy these summery photos, I hope they warm you up now that it has gotten chilly.

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I made a Nightgown

Made this nightgown using this pattern on egl as a rough guide. I changed a few things because I found this fabric on clearance ($2/yd!) but there was only so much left. Seriously, after I made this I had NOTHING left. No scraps. And making the straps mega-ruffled did not help >.<

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