November 9th, 2007


Eeeee too much to do!

I have a mini meet-up/high-tea to go to today but my mind is blanking on co-ordinates.
This is what I have so far. A basic nessesities only look and frankly ZZZZ
But I don't have time to completely raid my closet trying different assesories and looks. I gotta clean the floors before I leave!
So help me out egl! How would YOU jazz this up? Hair, acsessories, jackets, shrugs whatever! I don't have time to think! I don't have time to sit here and write anymore! Aaaaah! *runs off to clean*

Thank you all SO much! This is much better than what I started with. XD
I tried to find lighter items to brighten it up. It's off white lace so that was hard as I have little to NO off white items.(I think I'm wearing them all XD;; )) Instead of black I pulled navy blue out of the roses on the jsk. Hard to see in pictures but it's softer than black. Thank you so much all of you! I'd forgoten I had this cartigan! XD;;;

and now, I'm LATE! *puts on bunny ears and runs around with a pocket watch*

yep, another coat post

so, i've been looking around for a  winter coat and i've heard some brand ones fit larger sizes concerns are they won't be warm enough (i walk a lot so i need a coat that'll keep me nice and toasty. ^^) and won't be flattering to my nearly 5'11, 37" busted self. basically, should i even bother with brand? if so, which would you suggest? if not, who/where should i go to for a high quality commision? i've noticed a lot of people getting them from fanplusfriend, but the material looks kinda thin. =/ 

and yes, i did a search but it didn't really cover everything. 

thanks for any help. =)


Fur or Faux?

Hello everyone!
I was wondering if this BTSSB capelet was faux fur or real? It doesn't seem to say anywhere on the site, so I was wondering.
I love this capelet to death, but I don't really want to get it if it's real fur, so...yeah.

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I'm thinking faux fur (because of the designs printed on it, I'm guessing faux would be easier to print designs on), but I want to be sure.

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I thought some of you may be interested in this...Chadwicks has a basic winter coat that would be SO easy to spruce up and lolita-fy!

Comes in red, white, and black. Would be SO simple to add fur, lace, whatever to! It's $109. Chadwick's has a ton of sizes, too!

also, if you do buy this, before you check out, look at the coupons on retailmenot:

there are some codes in there to get 40%-50% off, which would make your coat 54.50 - 65.40

hope some of you like this!

Shoe Fix?

I have some white shiny leather mary janes. I love them (no matter how painful they are) but I have two problems:

1- They're a bit more off-white, and when I wear them (I'm almost strictly shiro) they look a little out of place. How could I brighten them?
2- They were left in my car about a week in the heat, and now the soles are coming unglued! I'm not sure what I could use to put them back together that would actually hold well.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
These shoes are off-brand, and a few years old. It's just so hard to find good white shoes that I don't want to let them go.

Also, I did check the Mems and the only thing I found about shoes was about changing the look =(

Pleasing a confused mother...

Lately, I've been trying to explain Lolita Fashion to my mom (Do I really have to say more?). It's proving a bit hard only because Mom has a bad impression of Japan, what with all the crazy anime titles and 'weird' game shows she's seen -_-

So I was thinking: "Why show her examples of Lolita fashion from places like Japanese brand websites, or the GLB? It's be better to show her non-Japanese people wearing Lolita fashion- it wouldn't seem so weird to her that way!"

Now, if any of you are Japanese and are reading this, I'm NOT being racist. It's just that Mom really doesn't understand the Japanese culture, so she's kinda turned off to the idea of me becoming a Lolita. I figured if she saw an American or European or whatever,  wearing it, she'd realize it's okay for me to wear as well. Make sense? ^_^

The problem is, I'm having a hard time finding a post with varied styles. Either it's all Sweet, or all Gothic, or there's only those two styles and not anything else, like Shiro, maybe Punk, Kodona, Classic... I want to give her examples of ALL!!!

So, do any of you have posts saved in your memories that show good examples of what I'm looking for? It'd be appreciated!

(Oh, mothers are so hard to please at times...)


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