November 8th, 2007


Vintage patterns

Good morning!

I actually think this may be my first post here. Oops. Guilty long-time lurker.

Saw this one on Ebay and had to have it... even the measurements are damn close to mine!
I already have these two vintage patterns to play with (obiously the skirt part needs some moifying for both of these).
Has anybody else tried altering vintage pattern for lolita fashion and wants to share his/her experiences?

Now to summon the strength to oil that sewing machine... is another problem :-P.


Me, who also has a pair of spats waiting for 2m of lace trim to be hand-sewn on them >.<
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Vancouver Autumn Tea Party Reminder

To those who RSVP'd to the invitation and any others who are able to make it...please see original invitation here

Reminder about High Tea at the Sutton Place Hotel tomorrow at 3:30pm-ish (I know a couple of you are rushing in from after school...please be careful!).

Thank you!
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Anime North?

Hi there it just a quick question, i will probably going to anime north in 2008 and was wondering if anyone is ALREADY planning a meetup for lollies? 

p.s tell me if your going to anime north ^0^

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Meta Biscuit Print

My apologies if this has been discussed before (just tell me and I'll remove the post...well in a few hours when I'll come back from school!) or if I'm offending anyone. This is just my taste on the subject, no more.

However, is anyone like me completely crushed that Meta is re-releasing their beautiful Biscuit print, only in toned-off colors and horrible patterns?

I loved that serie. Heck, I'm still trying to complete it, and always hoped they would use the print again. Now though, I'm just depressed. This was the best fabric print in the world and they manage to ruin it.T_T
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Interview Project

Hello, all.  For my Japanese class, I had to choose a text and translate it, and I ended up working with two of the essays from Takemoto Novala's Soleilnuit: For the Purpose of Being a Proper Young Lady.  The two essays in question were "I Don't Need Any Friends!"  and "Koala's March: Or, the Twin's Passion Music."  You need not be familiar with the works to answer the following questions.  Please answer each question with at least 4-5 sentences (I've been getting a lot of responses that have not followed this.  I -cannot- use responses that are shorter than this.) although you are welcome to write more.  Answering in English is fine. 

1.  Do you think boys' friendships and girls' friendships are different?  Why do you think that?  If you think they are different, please explain why in detail.

2.  According to Takemoto, girls can go on Alice-like adventures by themselves.  Do you agree?  Why do you think that?

3.  Do you think all girls are like Alice?  Do you think there are other types of girls?  Please explain.

4.  Do you have a friend you cannot live without?  Please explain the qualities of this friendship.

5.  Takemoto compares his need for this friend to a koala's need for eucalyptus.  What would you compare your need to?

Thank you for your time!
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Fanplusfriend didn't fail me!

The first time I ordered from Fanplusfriend they messed up my measurements something awful and were super slow on shipping. For some reason, I decided to give them a second chance. I'm so glad I did, everything fits practically spot on, if a little loose.

However, my blouse is super-long
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Question about sizes

Hi (^ー^)
So I have some questions, it's mainly about the sizes (cm). Mary Magdalene:
for waist I found on a skirt I want:

so does it only fit when my waist is sth. like 50 cm?

and Innocent World has these measures:is it all the min. or the max size?
ウエスト * 58~67cm
スカート丈 * 55cm

J-Dorama Question!

Do any of you know of any J-Dramas that focus on EGL?

I used the search function in the community and someone mentioned a scene in Manhattan Love Story, but that was only a scene and not a focus of the story.

I know it is probably rare since it's not a mainstream part of Japanese culture and probably wouldn't be as popular, but I thought I would ask anyway! I've been searching and am having a hard time finding anything.

I figured if anyone knew it would be one of the lovelies from this community <3

Thanks in advance!

Baby's earmuffs

I didn't see this mentioned, so I thought I would let you all know:

I went to Baby today to do a shopping service for someone, and they had their original bunny earmuffs on the shelves.
They're also on the site.
So, no worries!

If it was mentioned let me know and I'll give this post the axe.
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Lolita shops.

Hello everyone.

I was wondering if there are any lolita shops in Singapore. I'm going there this month and I was just wondering if there were any around...

If you do know, could you please tell me the name of that shop? And possibly, where it is too. ^_^;

Thanks in advance.

If there aren't, if there ARE lolita-related shops know. Tell me.