November 7th, 2007

What happened to Momo's?

I looked in the memories and didn't see anything about this and I'm really curious: What happened to Momo's Handicrafts Store? Maybe it's just my messed up computer, but every time I go to the ebay store, there are no items listed for sale...and it's been that way for a week or so. I emailed the seller about it and got no response. Does anyone know what's up? I figure maybe old clothing is being replaced with new designs or something, but I'm paranoid that the store might be closed. I hope not!
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Hey everyone~

I'd like to ask a question.
When you sell off your headdresses, is there a specific price range to them? I do want to sell my headdress for it's worth, even though I won't wear it.

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It's from Bodyline, and I've never worn it before, except for trying on.

thank you for any help given!

Hong Kong lolita...

Hi everyone !
I tried searching this but couldnt find it...someone gave a link to another person awhile ago about a Lolita fashion store in Hong Kong that sell's EGL apparel/shoes everything for an extremely cheap amount. I remember looking and seeing some things I wanted to put on my wishlist..yet I can't find the site. 
If anyone know's about the site I am talking about I would be forever greatful ~!
just post the link in a comment or whatever..thank you ! 

Skirt Tutorial Yay or Nay?

I thought I would just see if this was a wanted tutorial. I know before that people have asked how to "lolify" non-lolita clothes like pants, a-line skirts ect. I have turned a mid length straight skirt into a skirt with a ruffled "bustle"in the back. Its not loli shape, but gives some loli flare to what used to be a slightly ugly shorter skirt. Any one interested in a tutorial??

Preview for Japan Ai

some of you guys have heard me talking about this previously, but I did a book about my trip to Japan (which includes sketches of gothic and lolita items and maps, etc... as well as all kinds of other stuff). I wanted to keep you guys updated! :)
I just got my advanced copy of the book today!

click for larger

look, it's the REAL BOOK. XD
I'm really happy with it. The cover has a really nice matte look to it which sets off the sparkles nicely. Also, it's pretty thick, too! The book size is like Vagabond manga size (ie the larger format mangas).

Also, there's a 10 page preview up at Publisher's Weekly! which includes my trip to the Maiko Henshin Studio... more stuff to come!
(The book ships in Dec, you can get it through )

Also, I'll have a panel with more images from the book and postcards, etc, at Pacific Media Expo this weekend! My Panel is 3 pm Saturday in "SPecial Programming Newport C" though you may want to double check the schedule when you get to the con.
(I'll be at the Angelic Pretty brunch, too. YEAY AP!)

See you so-cal lolis there!
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VM mini hat

PMX & new inventory

We're pleased to announce that we've received new Victorian Maiden stock just in time for PMX. Please come by our booth (#303) and see. We will also have some Innocent World, Putumayo, and Angelic Pretty. We are a retailer, not a shopping service, so you can expect very reasonable prices from us. Most clothing items will simply be the Yen price it sells for in Japan, but with the decimal moved over (so a 20000 Yen item will be $200.00). California sales tax is included in ths price. We also should be able to take credit cards (Visa or Mastercard), as long as LAX air traffic doesn't block our card machine's signal.

MAM to ship overseas soon?

link to the site

■Overseas Mail-Order-Selling

We have not been prepared about the mail order of foreign countries yet.
However, we are preparing it from foreign countries because there are a lot of letters of the inquiry.

So please wait for a while.

It's great that more brands are starting to try to accept overseas orders :D

If this has been posted before, apologies, LJseek didn't turn anything up.
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Ordering problems

Hey EGL~

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I wondered how common this is lately. Anybody had a REALLY bad run with a brand like this recently, or ever forgotten something that important? How did it turn out if it did at all?

Just curious :)
Maybe I can learn from the experienced. ^^

edit. I'd like to add that I got my shoes from Rose Chocolat in, ready.. 3 weeks. Ahh, I didn't think I'd see the day where RC is quicker than BABY. Alas.
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Lolita in San Francisco?

Hi, everyone; this is my first post here. I've been interested in lolita fashion for about a year now, but I haven't tried wearing it yet (being a poor, 18-year-old college student and all).

Anyway, I'm visiting a friend in California over Thanksgiving break, and I was wondering whether there are any lolita (or lolita-esque) shops in the San Francisco area. Any in particular that you'd recommend?


Testing the waters: Tokyo Shopping Service

Hi EGL! I'm making a trip to Tokyo next week and through some unexpected circumstances, I'll actually be entertaining myself for a few days. To combat the boredom and help offset a small portion of my travel costs, a friend suggested I offer a limited shopping service to a handful of shops - and I wanted to gauge people's interest in this type of shopping service since there already a few permanent shopping services out there.

I'll be in Tokyo from November 16-21 and will be able to ship out packages after Thanksgiving on the 22nd from California. I'm planning on charging a 10% fee on the total cost of the item, but aside from that shipping fees should be far less than what you get with other shopping services since you won't have to pay for international shipping and shipping within Japan. Thoughts?
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Pic request - please don't throw rocks at me

I was wondering if anyone had a picture of themselves wearing an Anna-House top. It's a top I'd love to get, but I recall reading in a review that the shape of it when worn was actually pretty funny. If anyone has pictures of themselves wearing any other Anna-House blouses/dresses, that'd be great as I've trouble making up my mind right now.

This is the blouse:

Thank you in advance!
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