November 6th, 2007

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Classic coats

There have been many questions about sweet lolita coats lately, but I couldn't find much info at all on classic lolita coats. I was wondering if you guys could give me some info on the quality, warmth, and sizing of Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene, and Beth coats. I am about 5'6" with long arms, so I am afraid of them being too short. I am also a big wimp about cold, so I would like something on the warmer side. Thanks!

First Photos

Okay, so I'm feeling brave enough to share my first set of Lolita pictures. These are probably not the greatest, as we were running out of light, and my mom's still getting used to my digital camera, but they're pretty cute.

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There are some of those items you only want to wear once, and don't want to pay full price for. I made two tutorials which explain how to make a tiny pirate hat and a bonnet. They're supercrappy and made in MS Paint but maybe it's useful to someone nonetheless, so check it out :) Thanks!
Wonder Woman - chibi

Minnie Up: Disney makes a lolita Minnie figurine

One of my friends posted these in her journal, and I had to share the randomness of it all.
Some of you may be familiar with Pinky Street figures. They're basically small anime figurines of original characters, and existing anime, and game characters that have inter-changable heads, bodies, arms, accessories, etc. They're become pretty popular, and quite a few people customise their own to make new ones.
Well Disney has apparently seen that there's money to be made in this market, and have designed their own line of Minnie Mouse figures, called 'Minnie Up.'
So how does this relate to egl at all? Well they've made a number of different designs / outfits for the Minnie figures, including a lolita one:
minnie up photo
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Neko - Japanese Fashion Online Store

Hello everyone!

We are Neko, a japanese fashion brand located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are pleased to announce our new site for international customers at

We work a lot with the Gothic&Lolita style, both in clothes and accessories, and most of our clothes are available in different sizes.

Click the cut to see pictures of our store! We also have more pictures at our Flickr account.

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LA Weekly

PMX Lolita Panel and Swap Meet

Hey there Party Loli's!!!
This year at PMX I will be hosting a panel on Gothic Lolita called "Lolita in motion" which will also be a "Fashion exchange" AKA a swap meet!!
I've posted about this like crazy over on pmx_lolita (community plug la la laaa...) but I think it's also a good idea to give some info about it over here in the main egl comm.

SOOOO... that being said, lets give the facts:
Gothic Lolita Fashion Showcase & Swap Meet
An informal venue for people to display their Gothic Lolita wardrobe, so that others can view, ask questions and inquire about brand and non-brand Gothic Lolita clothing.
Fan Panel, hosted by Sheyne

Friday, 2pm-4pm, Pacific Ballroom A (Meet the Bands/Lolita Room)

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I hope people can attended this panel and the swap meet as a kick off to what should be a *freaking awesome* PMX weekend!!!

A trip to Paris

I'm going on a short trip to Paris tomorrow and I was hoping to buy a copy of the Gothic and Lolita bible after visiting the Baby store, although I can't find any bookstore that would sell them.  Can any of you give me the adress of a store that sells them?
I would also love recomendations for a cafe close to BTSSB, or any other destination that a newbie to Lolita fashion might be interested in.
I'm very sorry if this post doesn't belong here.

Winter Coat

I just wanted to show off my brand new coat! <3 It just came in the mail today! It was a commission from Excalibur Girls!

The materials are very high quality. The wool is absolutely beautiful and the faux fur is unbelievably soft and has a lovely sheen to it in the right light! The coat is super warm too (Thanks to the thinsulate layer between the wool and the lining), I think I'll be just fine in Canada's -30 degrees celcius weather! It's also very very well made. There was a lot of attention to detail, I'd definitely love to commission her again!

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Sorry for looking so incomplete, I was in a hurry and I just really wanted to show it off XD;

You can see dojogirlaurora's original post about the coat here, if you would like to see more details.
Video Game Hank

Attempted Lolification of a Goodwill Blouse

My friend sent me this really pretty lace yesterday and I got bored and decided to see if I could Lolify a cheap Goodwill blouse. I'm rather new to this whole sewing thing, and this is my first completed project. Anyway...I like how it turned out.

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Suggestions on improvement for further projects is very welcome. :D
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Lolita Field Research Project (Continuation)

Thanks to all of your wonderfully helpful responses, I was able to get back on track. I've decided to write it with a focus on Lolita fashion as it relates to sexual harrassment.

I'm asking your help once again (this'll be the last time!) to fill out a survey, which you can find here at my personal journal:
Effect of Lolita Fashion on Susceptibility

I don't want to be discriminating against the male lolita followers, but for this survey, I need females only! I've made it quick and precise, so it won't take much of your time. Please feel free to comment with any additional thoughts, if you want to. Just taking the survey is enough! Thank you again!
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Stock photo request (sorry!)

Does anyone have the stock photos of this Victorian Maiden high-waisted skirt? I'm especially interested in photos of the different colours available. I recently bought it off yahoo!auctions, but the seller must've tweaked with the colours on her photos because the skirt she showed had a white base and greyish ties, while the skirt I received has a slightly alarming yellowish base and dark green ties that of course don't match any of the accessories I have -.-'' I don't think they weren't her photos as the skirt I received has the same flaw as the picture she showed. But anyway, stock photos please, if you have them!

Many thanks!