November 5th, 2007

Nurse Joy

Ok, so here's something that's a bit more cosplay, but I'm in need of a few loli touches to help it "fit-in" with a few lolitas.

I posted over here regarding a nurse outfit I'm making to compliment some Guro-Lolis in a photoshoot.

There are a few questions I have at the end, so if any of you fancy helping me out with a bit of know-how or opinions, please take a quick look.

What I'm trying to do is get something that isn't necessarily a Lolita dress/outfit, so that the guro-lolis stand apart a bit from me, but at the same time something that carries enough of a lolita theme, some lolita tennents through the outfit that the whole thing looks nicely congruous.

take a look at my post and comment here or there if you feel you can help.
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RTBU updated "lolita"-dresses

I was bored and searched today through ebay and found an update on Refuse to be usual.
They did some..well.."Lolita"-clothes.
I would say if they would be with good quality and nice lace, they would look cute...

here's the link

I personally like the blackxpink piano skirt version

but I won't buy it ;_;

what do you think?
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fall lolita mini meet-up

so i'm new to lolita just with in the past year and half or so and when i started getting into it, one of my best friends from college, floral_lovely, did to. now that we've graduated and live 10 hours apart, we spend most of our days on googletalk, sending each other links to all the lovely lolita clothes we would wear if we had the money.

this past weekend she visited our school, which is 45 minutes for my mom's house, so we met up and she wore lolita for the first time!

first we posed in my mom's backyard which is so beautiful and just showing the colors of fall!

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PHOTO » knee high stocking innocence

META velevteen high waist skirt

i've been looking at this META skirt for a while,

& i'm curious because there is some shirring in the back (though not much)
but the site only has one meassurement listed under waist (70 cm)

does anyone know how much the shirring expands the waist?

could one of you also be kind enough to translate these signs for me?
着丈: approximately 59 cm
身幅: about 64 cm
google translate couldn't translate them...
(they're from the BABY halloween skirt)
are either of them the waist meassurements?

solved! thank you chibiusagi

mwah mwah

A New Petticoat Tutorial?

Hello, everyone! [If this link has been posted before, please let me know.] But to my knowledge, I haven't seen it on here before. I do not take the credit for finding this link. Instead, I found it here at Strawberry Love. (And may I recommend this site to you all! ^^ It has not only lolita links, but also links for cosplay, too! Tons! V v)

The website is Petticoat Tutorial

Please go there, skim it, and tell me what you think. ^_^ It looks super easy, although some of the terms used confuse me a bit as to their function... However, if you know how to sew, I'm sure that you'll be able to figure it out based on the photos alone. And yes, when adding multiple layers, it does turn into a circular petti, but I believe by simply altering the dimensions and sizes of layers, you'll be able to get one appropriate enough for lolita.

I don't know about all of you, but my personal preference for pettis are to have ones that 'move with you'. Not just ones to hold my skirt(s) up. I like teh fluffy. How about you?

I hope this helps, everyone. I know how trying it can be to make your own petti. I've tried... and failed multiple times. =D

Have a lovely day.
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Some fun stuff to share with you all

Gah I haven't been on here in a while... been busy with University work and all but I decided to stop by quickly and share this with you:

I love that website because it's just so ridiculous. Have a look there for a good laugh, I was actually kinda surprised that they even had an article on Lolita.

Anyways... enjoy... *scurries back to her mountains of assignments and project to be done before the end of the winter semester*