November 4th, 2007

Kitty Kitty!


Okay,so I've all ready been through LJseek and none of the pictures will show up for some reason. I'm trying to put together an accruate Kodona coordinate, because well, I'm going to wear it to PMX to meet up with other lolis and I don't want to look like a total n00b(despite being one). So does anyone have any fabby picture examples of Kodona I could use as references? It'd be ALL kinds of help. ^_^
PHOTO » knee high stocking innocence please?...

hi, i have some questions i was hoping you'd help with!

1) if i wanted to get a seamstress to make a replica of this Mary Magdalene dress (because i can't fit into a japanese size) is it enough to only show her images of the dress?

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2) i fell in love with this skirt from BABY, but it's sold out in the color i wanted.
do any of you have suggestions of skirts in the same shape/a similar shape in an antique white/off-white color?

EDIT: 1) solved, thanks exdream_&hearts



Hi everyone
I wanted to get everyone's opinion on this
I've been looking at the brand Algonquins and there are some things I saw there I was thinking of purchasing, but it's stuff to my mind looks like it could be punk lolita, but I wanted to see what other people thought before I purchase it. I'm trying to make my style Punk Lolita, so I just need to check this out.
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Hi you mind helping me out?

Hey i haven't posted in this community yet but i hope once i get some dresses i will :P I was hoping all you loli would help me out with a power point presentation i am doing about the style ^-^  all i want from you is the answer to my questions for a poll :]

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Two outfits + a mini pattern review

It's been a while since I've sewn anything, since I've been away from home and my sewing machine for the past couple of months. So when I was home last weekend my mom & I decided to catch the end of the JoAnn sales. I found this fabric and made the most of my Sunday night. XD

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Picture Request

I looked through the memories and used the search function, but I didn't come up with much that would help me. I'm looking for pictures of clothes--not stock photos, from FanPlusFriend that were either commissioned (specifically brand replicas) or just bought regularly (specifically some of their "classic lolita" pieces). I'm waiting to get a price quote on a replica of this Mary Magdalene Dress and I'm just curious as to how good they are.
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Courtier Services: Holding Items?

I've used quite a few courtier services over the years, but it's been hard remembering the differences about each one. Does anyone know which companies/individual people hold items for you until you ask for your package to be shipped?
For instance, I'd like to buy a skirt off of Y!Japan, but in about a week or so I might want to buy something else. I'd rather just receive a big package instead of paying shipping for two small ones.
Can anyone help me out?

Edit: Thanks for all of your help!
I'd reply to all of the comments, but I figure copying and pasting "thanks" would just seem repetitive and less like I actually meant it.
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Sewing Lolitas

I am looking at sewing my own Loli clothes since it is starting to look like I will not be able to get down to a proper size in the time frame I set for myself (10 month to drop from a size 14 to a Size 9) and since I have my dress form I was thinking I would just alter some of my dress patterns that I already have where the Tops are Loli but the skirt parts aren't. The only problem is I have never altered a pattern before so dramatically. Do any of you have any tips for altering a "normal" skirt (we are talking A line or Pencil skirts) to a Lolita Skirt? I want to do the alterations to the pattern before I start buying fabric.

Thanksgiving Break Meetup--St. Louis

This is still a couple weeks away, but I was wondering if anyone would want to have a meetup during the week of Thanksgiving? We could do ice skating at Forest Park. There's also a place near the Missouri Botanical Gardens called Tower Grove Park. It's got a lot of interesting architecture (photo ops?) and little landscapes, etc. And there's also carriage rides, too, but it looks like there's only one horse to pull a three or four person carriage.

So, I was wondering if anyone was interested in going to Forest Park or to the Tower Grove Park? And what day would be most convenient for people? Clearly Thanksgiving Day is out, but maybe the Wednesday before? Or perhaps the weekend?

coats + shopping service

First question: out of all the brands, which do you think makes the warmest winter coats? I'm thinking of getting one from MAM.. and praying it can withstand insanely cold winter weather. I've also heard good things about the classical brands having very warm coats, but most of them are kinda long and I'm looking for something that doesn't go past my knees.

Second question: I'm looking for a shopping service for taobao. Preferably someone with a bank account in Singapore. Please contact me through the email on my profile, thanks.