November 3rd, 2007

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NYC skate meet up

Just wanted to see if anyone is coming to Bryant park today at 2:30 for ice skating.

It's the 42nd and 6th ave stop I'll be waiting outside the entrance to the ice skating rink. It's supposed to be pretty chilly today (48 but feels like 40) and cloudy. . so if there is any sign of rain we'll head off somewhere else (I was thinking the Met. . . lovely place for lolitas . . but I know not everyone likes museums as much as me) We could also have tea in the new Kinokuya bookstore that opened right on Bryant park. It's really cute ^_^

You can e-mail me at for my phone number

~ <3 
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Larger shoes?

I have size euro 41/ japn 25,5 / us 9,5 and I'm looking for some cute lolita shoes, with not much heel(I am too tall already).
Not many stores has that size, even thought its a "normal" girls size >_<
According to the lolita handbook shoplist..the big brands shoes are way to small and the rest

Ling Lam* - Doesnt work
Montreal Shoes* - Doesnt work
Refuse to Be Usual* - Only has one cork sole shoe in my size
Miwitch* (~bakacherry)- I don't understand how to find anything..
Gothic&Lolita Shoes* (~bakacherry) Only has small shoes or RHS in my size
Marshmelon (~bakacherry) - Not in business anymore
Rosechocolat* (~bakacherry) - Does actually work, but their shoes look not so good..

So, does anyone have more ideas where to find them?
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RHS in Philly

I meant to post this earlier but it completely slipped my mind. For any lolitas in the Philly area, Passional at 5th and Bainbridge has black rocking horse boots for $190. I think the sole is cork, though I'm not entirely sure. I also don't know the brand (I know, I'm a bit useless). The also have an outfit from their Halloween stock that would be good for a gothic or EGA look if you replace the skirt, as it's a bit short. They also have petticoats that might work for lolita but also may be a bit on the puffy side. I'm not sure how much is available on their website and it is decidedly NSFW but feel free to take a look through.
Passional NSFW!

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Stock/personal pics of an IW skirt

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help. I'm looking for stock/personal pictures of the IW floral skirt that was in their store a few months back. It was made in three tiers and had vertical stripes going down it. There were also little pendants along the stripes which read "Innocent World". I'm specifically looking for the pictures of the skirt in GREEN, but if anyone has any other colors, that would be fine as well.

Las Vegas Lolita Meet Up Reminder

When: November 10
Where: Fiesta Hotel and Casino ice rink- 2400 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89130
Information: Please make sure to bring a nice, warm coat, ice skates (if you have them and don't want to rent any), and at least 20 (6.00 for entry fee, 2.50 for skate rental, and the rest for food and drinks). Time hasn't been set yet due to any possible change in scheduling at the ice rink, so in order to set up a time, I'll make sure to call everyone the night before. So, if I don't have your phone numbers, please send them to me through my hotmail e-mail. RSPV on this post or privately through IM or e-mail.
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Is this....GYARUU?

I love Gal fashion, and I adore Lolita Fashion. Which is weird as both of them are kind of anti the other.

Now I adore hime-gal fashion because its so innoncent and cute but I can wear it more casually than I would wear lolita. Yet both gyaruu and lolita know that both are 2 seperate fashions and are not the same although some items look borderline. 

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Ling_lam Shoes

I have a quick question for you ladies that have ordered from Ling_lam: how long does delivery take? I live in California and ordered three pairs of shoes on Oct 11. as of yet she has not responded to a single email that i have sent her. should i be worried?  i dont know if thats normal. Thanks for any help or advice.

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Brand Quality Question: MAM

In terms of quality, how would you rate MAM? On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best. Also, if could rate the other major brands (BABY, AP, others) for context, that would be great. :3

(Rating in terms of construction, fabric quality, lace quality, etc.)

Apologies if there is already such a post! m(_ _)m