November 2nd, 2007

Tea for two?

I've always loves Lolita so you couldn't imagine how excited I was to receive an invitation to my friends tea party. The only problem is there's a strict Lolita dress code and my closet is pretty bear....seeing as how I'm a guy and the style caters more to women. So any suggestions?
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Cupcake Teapot

A few months ago I posted a link to a crown printed teapot set. Now I come come bearing a cupcake teapot. This one is at the very reasonable price of $16. I like reasonably priced teapots! I think its so cheap because I think its intended for children. Which would also explain the little bit of glitter on it.

It can be found here.

I'm also in love with the black toile teapot. $28.

There's also treats, tea, bath supplies, candles, books on hosting tea parties and all sorts of other lovely things on the website.

Main page:
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please help me spend my money

so i finally discovered grand bazaar lolita, and i'm interested in ordering some things from them, but i'm not sure how.

mostly because it's entirely in japanese.

i tried the memories, and even though i didn't look very hard, how would i buy from them? would i have to go through a shopping service?

thanks :3


I want to apologize for my post earlier...I'm disgusted and want to threw up after that outfit choice...I seriously need help...
My lolita style is horrible...
I just wanted to apologize. 
Thanks all though for your suggestions and everything. It helped, I guess I had thought I had seen thoose legwarmers on a lolita in a magazine once, but I guess I'll be getting rid of thoose.
My goal now will be to post an outfit with no problems. no confussion. hopefully I'll be able to do that soon.
thanks for everything again.
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alice - wtf

Feminism Field Study and Lolita

For my class "Sociology of Sex and Gender" (taught by a radical feminist, which makes the class radically femisnist...blah), we have to do a field study and long conclusive essay by the end of this semester. I was hoping to focus the topic on the Lolita fashion, but have had problems linking it to feminism.

When searching for Gothic Lolita in feminist publications and such, I found this:
Hello Kiddy? Why Japanese Stereotypes are Not So Cute
It made me shudder to read "'Lolita' is, of course, a reference to Vladimir Nabokov’s novel about a teenage temptress." So this article deflated most hopes I had of linking Lolita fashion to feminism in a positive way.

I thought that some of you might have insight or ideas that would help.
So if you do, I would be eternally grateful for the minute you spent reading this and responding. Thanks!
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Shoe Ribbon Repair?

I searched memories but couldn't find anything pertaining to bow repair on shoes...

Amazingly, the one time I need a picture of the shoes, BABY took them off the website and I can't find a pair on YJA, even though there's usually at least two pairs, so here's some crappy ms paint to explain it!

Collapse ) **Thank you to all the replies!


I've been wondering about this for a long time now, and the few posts down just reminded me what I been wanting to ask. Maybe someone will help me sort this out.

Why did they call it lolita?

I know the fashion is supposed to represent a cute young girl, but why name it after a novel that describes it's character as a "sexually precocious young girl"? Doesnt that gives the lolita phrase a bad, sort of pervy association?


So...let's talk about lolita communities. Sure there are countless in existence, but is there really a community for every lolita? What sort of weird, completely off-the-wall lolita community do you want to see pop up next? Please keep in mind that only comic answers will be accepted kindly--there's absolutely no room in this post for people who want to be serious. ;D

I'm thinking we need a trekkie_lolita group for starters. After that I would like to see: broke_loli (for the lolita after her shopping spree), lolita_sans_snark (a community where every lolita is nice all day everyday), spacecasefrills (for the lolita who is a chronic bubble-head), and friedloli (for all those lolis who love fired food). Also, I think lolitablankie, for lolitas who still sleep with blankies would be great. XD
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(no subject)

My friend and myself decided to do EGL inspired Alice in Wonderland (Mad Hatter and March Hare) costumes for Halloween this year. Here are a few Collapse )

The pattern I used was a generic Simplicity pattern that I altered here and there when my friend (Hatter) used a different pattern for every piece of the costume. Now, I have (and have had for a while...years, even >>) an interest in pursuing the EGL fashion and this was my first go at it. I know it's not totally dead on, especially since it's meant to be a costume and not an outfit, but how was it for a first shot? I'm a cosplayer first and foremost, so starting with a costume like this was easiest for me, though the concepet was still there. I guess my point is...comments? Suggestions? Am I totally hopeless or on the right track? I kind of have an idea already of what I need to change, but any help is more then welcomed!

Thank you!
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baby in the states?

so i was reading shojo beat today (december issue) and they had an interview with Akinori Isobe. in the interview he says "please come visit our store in the US when its open." has anyone heard anything?? also, there is an add on the back that say western size clothes comming soon. which is exciting :)

there is also a chance to win 8 pieces if u want to check it out.

im sorry if this was posted already, but i didnt see anyhing.
Gyaru - Nicole Abe - Tongue Fun

Final Reminder: Southern California Meet up

Where: Del Amo AMC, 21519-A Madrona Avenue, Torrance, CA
When: 2:00 PM, Saturday November 3, 2007

The plans:
- We'll meet in front of the movie theater at 2:00 pm, and then proceed down to have lunch.
-After lunch we'll go back to the theater and choose on a movie.
- After the movie there will be mall shopping/ Picture taking
-After mall shopping we carpool down to the Marukai for more shopping/bookstore purchases.
- We part ways!

My email is Abbie [dot] Kajimoto [at] gmail [dot] com. Feel free to email me to get my cell phone number, if you need it.
I hope everyone can arrive and that we have a blast. ^_^
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